April 27, 2018

Hi there! In the spirit of spring, new beginnings and warmer weather I'm having a 20% off sale for anyone desiring my nutrition and/or training services!

 For more details on this sale (including program information and prices) please check out:


March 7, 2017

Hey there gals - and if you're a guy, stick around and read this too... its nice to be understood. Today I'm talking about weight gain before your period.

So lets start with a simple "WHY?":

Well a week or so before your period, your progesterone hormones skyrocket and t...

January 11, 2017

How to Stick to Your Resolution

It’s that time again; a brand new year has come upon us, bringing with it the promise of new opportunities, new possibilities, and new developments in our lives and in our character. It’s this time when everyone comes upon a resolution, o...

December 29, 2016

The Benefits of Reverse Dieting

Most people diet (eat in a caloric deficit) for months on end, with maybe a few higher calorie days here and there. After a long time, your metabolism slows down due to the body requiring less nutrients to function. Your energy levels and...

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