March 14, 2019

How to grow a booty that won't quit...

Hey! I hope this message finds you well. I'll cut right to the chase, today I am sharing my top 3 tips to grow your glutes and tone up your rear end! I know the booty can be a stubborn area to define, but here are a few tips to hel...

March 9, 2019

Stretching and foam rolling is not just something to be left to athletes. We can all benefit from these activities. Stretching is the act of elongating muscles and tendons, while foam rolling is the act of self massage on the muscles by a foam roller. Together, these a...

October 13, 2018

Are you stressed and holding onto belly fat? Cortisol may be to blame. What is cortisol? Some have called it the “master” of all hormones.

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