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Lose weight, burn stubborn fat, skyrocket your confidence, and speed up your metabolism with Nutrition Coaching!
Meet Coach Leah, an 8 year Fitness Nutritionist, who helps you find the perfect diet to lose fat and improve your relationship with food. Leah has helped thousands of men and women transform their bodies (and minds) through science-backed nutrition techniques and mindset coaching.
Nutrition Coaching is For You if:
  • You want to slim down, fit back into your skinny jeans, and rock toned arms and abs.
  • You're feeling like you could be in better shape if you just got your diet under control. You know you can do better, you just don't know how.
  • You've been eating healthy for a while but you're not losing weight!
  • You're struggling with being consistent in your diet. It's hard for you to eat balanced.
  • You find yourself either restricting your food, overeating, or yo-yo dieting (or all three).
  • You want effective tools and support to improve your habits, mental health, physical health, and relationship with food.
  • You are unsure exactly how much and what kind of food to eat to get results.
  • You need some motivation and support. Having accountability would be a game-changer for you and your success.
Service Options:
Please message me below to schedule a phone call if you would like to learn more about Nutrition Coaching and how it works!
Processing fee: 2.9% + $0.30 USD or CAD.
Daily Nutrition Coaching: $500 per month + Processing Fee
  • Weekly custom nutrition plans (includes macros, calories, and meal ideas)
  • Weekly nutrition lessons to learn more about fat loss and nutrition
  • Daily text message accountability (AM & PM check ins)
  • Daily feedback & motivation for your fitness routine, eating habits, relationship with food, consistency, and discipline
  • Daily supplement, hydration, and exercise recommendations
  • Biweekly coaching calls to assess progress, answer questions, make adjustments, and receive on-the-spot coaching
  • 3 month commitment required
  • Pair with weekly workouts for an additional fee
Biweekly Nutrition Coaching: $350 per month + Processing Fee
  • Biweekly custom nutrition plans (includes macros, calories, and meal ideas)
  • Biweekly nutrition lessons
  • Biweekly coaching call to assess and improve your fitness routine, eating habitsyour relationship with food, consistency, and discipline
  • Biweekly supplement, hydration, and exercise recommendations
  • Biweekly email check ins
  • 3 month commitment required
  • Pair with biweekly workouts for an additional fee
One Time Nutrition Consultation: $147 one time fee + Processing Fee
  • Custom nutrition plan (includes macros, calories, and meal ideas)
  • An email with all of the information
  • Feedback on your fitness routine and eating habits
  • Supplement, hydration, and exercise recommendations
  • A video call after 2-3 weeks of following your plan to make adjustments if needed

Ready to Get Started? Purchase Your Plan Here:

Feel free to send me a message below if you are unsure which program is best for you and if you would like more info!

Prices include processing fee.

Nutrition Consultations or Nutrition Coaching is for those seeking massive transformation with their diet and body. Nutrition coaching is ideal for anyone interested in finding the right eating style, macros, foods, and supplements for themselves.
If you have additional questions before getting started, feel free to message me!
I specialize in the following diet types:
-General Weight Loss and Health
-IIFYM and Macros
-Low Carbohydrate
-Low Sugar
-Carb Cycling
-Calorie Cycling
-Reverse Dieting
-Competition Prep
-Muscle Building
-Intermittent Fasting
-Post Baby Nutrition
I do not work with:
Serious Injury/Illness, Diabetes, or Eating Disorders.
After purchase, you will be sent a questionnaire to gather your photos, habits, food preferences, and more. All emails are responded to within 72 hours. Your nutrition plan is completely customized to your unique needs.
Please reach out if you have questions!

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