Back to blogging

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday and counting your blessings. I've been wanting to start a blog back up again, so here we are! If you followed me a few years ago, you may have also read some of my older blog posts about nutrition and such, but now I'll be going past just that topic. On my blog, which I hope to write for daily, you'll get a closer insight to how I think and what life is like...I'll bring up some good points, provide links & articles you may find helpful and of course throw the fitness in there.

So to begin... I'll start with the Raw Food Diet update. Today is day 18 of eating 100% raw vegan. That's it. I started the year off as a vegetarian, slowly worked into veganism and since my stomach doesn't digest food all that well (I'm starting to think I have low stomach acid levels) I thought I'd try raw vegan! And so far, its GREAT! Except for the fact I want to eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! I just really want some oatmeal... BUT I will say that the raw food diet is cleansing my body amazingly well, clearing my skin, helping me lose body fat and overall healing my body from years of competing, supplements, toxic build up, etc etc. If you were to go raw for a week, you'd know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I'm committed to 30 days, so 12 days left :) Who knows, I might try to stay like....85% raw. The theories behind it make sense, but I don't know how some people LIVE on this forever when there are so many more delicious foods out there as well.

I'll leave you with this last bit of info from the Psychology of Eating:

"So what is a raw diet exactly? The most prominent version of a raw food diet is plant-based and free of animal products, in other words, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. There is a widening circle who also include honey, raw milk, meat and fish (think carpaccio or céviche) to their raw menu, according to their beliefs. Generally speaking, however, eating raw means ingesting whole foods in their most natural and unprocessed form, and this includes the fact that to be truly raw, it cannot have been processed by heat above 105 degrees.So why go raw? Proponents of this way of eating explain that food is its most alive and rich in enzymes in its raw state. It can be incredibly healing, detoxifying and nourishing. And it’s one of many options when exploring the 3 Levels of Diet. For those who’ve experience the benefits of this way of eating, they describe improvement in their energy levels, digestion, decreased anxiety, better sleep among many others."

I'll be back tomorrow to talk about something else. Feels nice to blog again :)