Each weekend I send out a newsletter for my coaching team members. The newsletters provide a new workout each week, based on the workouts I personally design throughout the week. If you're interested in custom coaching to deliver maximum results in minimum time with a plan that works for you, go to

Below is a sample of the newsletter and some free tips & workouts:


Happy Winter!

I was so happy to hear back from you all last week after Thanksgiving. Remember that fitness is a journey and we learn from mistakes for the future - just keep doing the best you can :)

New workouts for this week are attached. Every single person should be doing minimum 30min cardio 5 days a week. Aim to do HIIT cardio 3 days of the week (or more if thats already in your plan)

Examples of plyos to do in between exercises:

Box jumps, jumping jacks, jump rope, wall sit, crunches, burpees, sky jumps, lunge or squat jumps


These cheap products are super helpful for working out at home, which can all be bought from walmart or amazon.

-Neoprene waist wrap (lose water weight during workouts)

-Waist trainer (for those seeking an hourglass shape - - Ann Cherry brand)

-Jump rope

-Resistance bands

-Home TRX set (walmart has one for $17!)

-Ankle or wrist weights

-Workout DVDS or stationary bike/treadmill (check craigslist…or xmas is coming up!)


Recapping some helpful supplements that I’ve personally tried and I loveeeee. If it is from Cellucor you can use my code LEAHPETERSFIT for 25% off & free ship code: LEAHPETERSFIT

Best fat burner: CLK (increases lipolysis / breakdown of fat cells)

Lose water weight: Diurex caffeine free or L2 by Cellucor

Best cortisol reducers: CORE HARD & MTS TYRANT by MTS (for those gaining weight due to stress)

Best protein: Cellucor- any flavor

Best pre workout: personal choice is superhd or just coffee

EMAIL ME if you have any supplement questions. Supplements won’t do the work for you, but they can give you the extra 10% boost.

25% off code: LEAHPETERSFIT

Try to limit caffeine to 300mg a day.


Cailee Dwyer - check her out on instagram if you don’t already follow her! @cailee_fit

She is killing her prep right now! Her TOP 3 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS AND RESULTS ARE:

#1. Don't think. Just do. Go through the motions even when you don't feel like it. If you waited to act accordingly only when you were feeling good or motivated you would never get anything great done.

#2. Focus on little improvements, because little bits of progress add up and create the big picture. If you cannot celebrate your small victories then you will always be too hard on yourself, dig yourself into a miserable hole of self-criticism, and you will not be living in the present moment.

#3. Think you've pushed through as hard as you could? Go one more rep. One more set. 5 more minutes. You will never reach your full potential if you do not push past your perceived limits. Maybe that weight was too heavy for you last month - I bet you it's not now. Maybe if was too hard to stick to your diet before and now you're afraid to start again - your thoughts create your world. You cannot let fear hold you back from facing any situation; fear is not an option if you want to reach your wildest dreams.

Client of the week gets $25 off their next coaching session.

Clients who are on their 6th week of coaching (you are always welcome to re-sign):

Bianca T.

Lindsey W.


Looking forward to hearing back from each and every one of you about your

-progress made

-progress desired

-strengths & weaknesses

-Coach Leah

Use dumbbells (at least 10 lbs)

Monday: Chest and Triceps

  • Flat Bench Press (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • Incline Bench Press (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • Lying Chest Fly’s (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Triceps Kickbacks (3 X 15 reps)

  • Triceps Rope Pull-Downs (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Push-ups (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Ab Crunches on Swiss Ball (4 sets 25

  • Bicycle Crunches (4 sets 25)

  • At Least 15 min of High Intensity Cardio + 20-30 min Steady state

Tuesday: Back and Biceps

  • Bent over Rows (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • Machine Lat-Pulldowns with wide grip (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • Cable Tower Rows with narrow grip (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • Standing Bicep Curls (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Standing Hammer Curls (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Hanging Leg Raises (3 sets until fatigue)

  • At Least 15 min of High Intensity Cardio + 20-30 min steady state cardio

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Legs

  • Barbell Squats (3 sets X 12-14 reps)

  • Leg Press Machine (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • Walking Lunges (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • Standing Calf Raises (3 sets X 16 reps)

  • Seated Calf Raises (3 sets X 16 reps)

  • Ab Crunches on Swiss Ball (4 sets 25)

  • Bicycle Crunches (4 sets 25)

  • At Least 15 min of High Intensity Cardio + 20-30 min LISS

Friday: Shoulders and Chest

  • Seated Shoulder Press (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Front Shoulder Raise (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Side Shoulder Raise (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Bench press of choice (3 sets X 15 reps)

  • Standing Shoulder Press (3 sets X 12 reps)

  • At Least 15 min of High Intensity Cardio + 20-30 min LISS

Saturday: Abs, Glutes and Cardio

  • Hip thrusts (3x12)

  • Stiff leg Deadlifts (4x10)

  • Cable Glute Kickbacks (3x15)

  • 2 sets of 50 squat pulses

  • Bicycle Crunches (4 sets 1 min)

  • Planks (3 sets 1 min)

  • Side Planks (3 sets 30 seconds)

  • At Least 30 min of High Intensity Cardio + 10 min LISS

Sunday: Rest Day or throw in accessory movements that you didn’t do already such as quad or hamstrings movements. I also challenge you to a workout class!

(You can re-order days if needed! I just think this would be best for recovery)