How to actually reach your goal.

How to Stick to Your Resolution

It’s that time again; a brand new year has come upon us, bringing with it the promise of new opportunities, new possibilities, and new developments in our lives and in our character. It’s this time when everyone comes upon a resolution, or a specific goal, to achieve before the next year occurs. Many people set resolutions to get in shape, become more financially stable, get their business running off the ground, fall in love or to just discover what their calling is in life.

Our New Years resolutions can be a tall order. Many people set their bar high, and this can mean that their goal is sometimes unrealistic. The problem with setting goals that are extremely challenging is you are more reluctant to give up on them when the going gets tough. You are often motivated and working your hardest to make progress right away, but putting in that much work all at once when you aren’t accustomed to the new routine can become daunting on your mental and physical being and also put a strain on your current lifestyle.

If your goal is to get in shape for 2017, that is wonderful and you should start off slow. The key to attaining your resolution is not to set one huge goal (ex: lose 60 pounds) but to set a handful of mini resolutions (run for 15 minutes every morning). You’ll feel relieved but still challenged by the thought of only having to complete a few tasks per day instead of always staring down at the big picture in front of you. Being a competitor, I know first-hand how intimidating it is to imagine how long you have until your competition, how much more weight you have to lose, etc. But I am successful each prep because I do what I can with the 24 hours I have in front of me.

Take it one thought at a time. Build those thoughts up to match your resolution. Buy books on the subject and education yourself! Hire a compassionate coach who can tailor a plan to your needs and guide you, while giving you support. To be successful on your fitness journey, take it one meal at a time. Turn off the TV while you eat and enjoy every bite mindfully. Refill your cup with water every time it empties. Start off with 5 minutes on the treadmill, then another 5 minutes. Challenge yourself in little ways every single day and all of your efforts will add up and give you the results you desire!

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