PMS related weight gain

Hey there gals - and if you're a guy, stick around and read this too... its nice to be understood. Today I'm talking about weight gain before your period.

So lets start with a simple "WHY?":

Well a week or so before your period, your progesterone hormones skyrocket and then fall, causing every single cell in your body to react, thus hold on to a bit more water. For me, I experience the MOST water retention in my stomach - it's the worst ever!

How bad?

Well, on average women tend to store 5lbs or so before their period, then lose it upon the onset of their cycle. However, it is not uncommon to gain even 7+lbs of water weight!

What you can do:

Honestly, not much. You have to let mother nature run its course for a few days and trust that you'll be back to normal! Don't stress about weight gain - that can increase your cravings and make you hold MORE water. The body will likely retain water under any type of physical or mental stress. And what could be more stressful than a period? (lol).

In order to control your weight around your period, you would need to be incredibly strict on your diet and hydration levels, but even then you may still be affected by water retention. An optimal nutritional approach for PMS related temporary weight gain would be a week of a low carb, low sodium & super high water intake diet.

If you have questions or want to talk about specific diet and workout approaches leading up to your cycle, email me!

Hope this helps some ladies out there!



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