200 Calorie Go-to Snacks

My favorite 200 Calorie Snacks:


200 calories per snack, eating every 2-3 hours or as fits your schedule. To maximize fullness and minimize cravings, make sure snacks are

-LOW sugar

-HIGH volume

-over 5g protein 

-under 30g carbs

-under 10-20g fat (high fat and low carb go together & vice versa)

-protein & carbs = 4 calories per gram

-fat = 9 calories per gram

1 slice Toast with 1/2 avocado

High fiber low calorie tortillas with 1/4c fat free cheese

1 cup Greek yogurt with berries and 10 almonds

1 Microwave mug protein cake or protein shake

2TPeanut butter and celery

2TAvocado or 2T hummus and veggies