10 things you didnt know.

*Pictures may be added very soon* I've been tagged in those "10 facts" instagram posts many times, but never really post it on instagram because I don't like getting that personal with so many followers, and I've already stated all my basic facts so is time to dive deeper. However, those of you who choose to read my blog must like me a bit, so i feel more comfortable sharing these unique statements and facts that have defined who I am. here are 10 points about me that you would never know (most likely), unless you read this.

1. I've never met my real dad. My mom had me in college, unplanned and I just never met him. I don't really know much about him other than his name. Kirk Patrick Lee, I believe... but that's just my best guess. I don't know if I'll ever meet him, but I wouldn't mind. I've had father figures in and out of my life ever since, but nothing stable - talk about a messed up view about marriage and parenting lol.

2. At a very young age I was very smart. I started private school at age 4 and quickly learned to read write and draw. I then did advanced courses throughout the rest of my schooling, until graduation. However, I didn't try very hard. I mean I studied, but for like 45 minutes to an hour, and I was pretty careless with math. Basically, I found it hard to be motivated by papers and grades in school.

3. Ages 14-16 I really struggled with balancing my stress in a healthy way and developed an eating disorder during my mom and ex-husband's divorce. I was really underweight and went to therapy for years and finally really got over it in early 2016. It was a nightmare of an experience but hey, it made me stronger.

4. Growing up I was put on medications such as antidepressants, anti anxiety and even mood stabilizers. I really disliked treating a mental illness with a pill and not a method, so I began getting off all medications and seeking other alternative treatments in early 2016. It's safe to say that 2016 was a good year for me to turn around my mental health. With new lifestyle choices and a new environment, I started feeling better day by day. Getting off medication is a bitch and a half so my best advice is to not start it in the first place, and instead seek the true healing within. I know that sounds so hippy lol, but it is the truth in my perspective.

5. Summer camp was the highlight of my year as a child. I went four 2-6 weeks straight, for 12 years in a row. It was called Camp Huawni. I even worked there as a summer camp counselor. I strongly recommend summer camp for your child's core personality and skill set to develop. This is where I learned who I was with no parents or expectations, and I created amazing friendships for years with people all over the world.

6. I absolutely love art. I love being creative - anything with thinking, writing, reading, drawing, creating or just expressing yourself through an art form. I actually took 12 years of art classes and did art shows growing up. I was tempted to major in art in college but decided to choose a more profitable route of Mass Communications.

7. You know those things that hand down in the back of your throat? Your Epiglottis ... yea...well I have 2.

8. I also have a birthmark on my left buttcheek and growing up I would cry if someone saw it because I was so embarrassed but now I think its cute.

9. I'm passionate about many things. My current side interests include house decor, makeup, animals, organizing and cleaning, diy, artwork, thinking, sleeping, coffee, youtube videos, pinterest, hiking, the mountains, exploring, unique items, traveling, and fancy, high class food.

10. I've been with my boyfriend Adam, for a year and 3 months as of March 2017. We met when my dog wandered over to his apartment. We ended up becoming great friends, future roommates and then eventually dating and moving to Colorado together. I'm very close with his family as well. His sister, Maddie is a dancer at Joffrey Ballet School in NYC - she's freaking amazing and may even be going to Juilliard for college! His parents are incredibly inspiring. They moved here from the Philippines with not much money and have built their way up to a lifestyle most of us dream about - but best of all, they are incredibly humble.

Well there it is. 10 things about me, that you probably didn't know. Hopefully you feel like we're friends now, because that was a whole lot of personal information! The point of all this is to admit some of my faults and weaknesses as a human just for the sake of getting it off my chest. If you're inspired by this - email me 10 amazing things about you - or make a post and send it to me.

Comment below if you can relate.

Have an epic weekend


Leah Peters