A 3 Year Modeling Portfolio Reflection

Going through some of my photos, I thought it would be interesting to elaborate more on the story behind some of my favorite photos over the years! Enjoy learning a bit more in the little snippet of commentary below :)

First, how I got into modeling:

I was first scouted when I was 5 years old, an agent "spotted" me with my mom at a grocery store. We went to a meeting but I didn't sign up, however, that was my first taste of modeling and I loved it. From then I studied all types of models in my spare time. I did a couple random photoshoots and fashion shows in high school and when I was 18 I signed with Naturally Fit Agency in Austin TX. I didn't do much with them though, most of my work has always been freelance. From then, various photographers and brands in the area would contact me or I would contact them and work for free. I needed to build my portfolio so I was always happy to model for free. There's only been a few times I've actually been paid for modeling on my own, with no agency. I have worked with under armour and bsn though! Anyways....point is. I love modeling, and I love it without an agency. It's a form of expression and such a beautiful and creative outlet for me. I feel very fearless. So without further rambles, here's more rambles ;)

1. 2014 Shot by Jason Oliphant, my first real photographer and a true friend who is near to my heart! Check him out at A photo modeling an outfit by VXN designs - an amazing designer who works with edm show costumes and wbff themewear.

2 & 3. 2014-This photo got in a magazine ad ;) Shot in a badass gym with Oliphant. At the time my hair was blonde, I looked super texas & I was sponsored by House of Pain.

4. 2015-Namaste <3 This was a fun personal shoot I did with oliphant in which I just did a bunch of yoga and meditated. It worked out nicely. I have a love hate relationship with yoga.

5. 2015-Shot by Audra Oden - - again, looking super texas-y. Big hair. big tan. I was 20 years old. Audra is an incredible photographer.

6. 2015-My "OLE!" shot. By Oliphant, just for fun. This was featured in issuu magazine as well. View my interview in the magazine here:

Page 20❤️

7. 2015 - shot by Oliphant. Modeling some amazing columbian swimwear that I didn't get to keep. It was also super hot outside so my arms got really veiny and it messed up a lot of photos. This is one of my most memorable shoots.

8 & 9 & 13 & 14. 2016 - Shot by Hailee Noel. Starting to shift into more artistic modeling rather than fitness modeling. Taken at a beautiful resort called The Broadoor in Colorado Springs. The hat I'm wearing is from the dollar tree.

10. 2016- Shot by Brett Seeley. This was a fun shoot. I got naked, rolled around in some glue, and people threw glitter at me. It was epic.

11. 2016- Shot by a guy named Chris.....In the middle of a creek. It was very cold & I almost fell in the water a few times.

12. 2016- I got so many compliments on this "dress" which is really.... a black body suit, a high waisted black skirt & a knit bathing suit cover up from earthbound.

15. 2017 - Taken by Hailee Noel. In the woods, on a hike. That's my boyfriend's sweater.

16. 2017 - "Empowerment" - taken at the summit of Mt Cutler. 7200ft. You can see so many trees, It's my favorite view ever. I take this hike all the time just to come see this view.

And so far, thats it! If you like reading this, let me know - I'll post more!

Thanks for reading.



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