Fitness Supplements - What are they for?

Supplements: Products you can add to your diet and fitness program to get more efficient results, more quickly. Supplements are not necessary for progress but can improve the rate and quality of progress, especially if your diet lacks in one area.

Multi Vitamin: Look for one with iron! Many females miss out on iron.

Digestive Enzyme: Recommended at larger meals.

Whey Protein: Repair muscle & grow new muscle tissue. Fastest digesting protein. Contains lactose.

Casein Protein: Slow digesting protein for continued amino acid delivery. Great for before bed or to keep you full.

Pre Workout: Often has caffeine or another stimulant, a focus enhancer or vein dilator. Pre workout can improve your strength and endurance, allowing you to workout harder faster and stronger, but is not necessary. Some people get nauseous; always start with a half serving.

Fat Burner: Increases metabolic rate, body temperature, heart rate and focus. This can either be beneficial to a workout or make you feel terrible, depending on how you react to caffeine and stimulants. Fat burners also contain acids and herbs that can break down fat cells more easily and also reduce your appetite. Do not take 6 hours before sleep.

Creatine: An energy source the body can use when you run out of ATP, a major energy source when doing power movements such as sprints or a major lift. Creatine can fill your muscles out, making you appear fuller and more dense, increase your strength and endurance. Creatine in not a stimulant. Females should not creatine load, as you can hold water weight from excess creatine.

Branch Chain Amino Acids: The building blocks of protein, which are the building blocks of muscle. BCAA’s can help support the muscle when dieting and exercising vigorously without ingesting any calories. BCAA’s can greatly improve your recovery and soreness. There are 3 major BCAA’s: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

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