Team Newsletter & Workouts

Hi there. This is a snippet of my team newsletter. My newsletter is sent out every Sunday to the members of  my team (see coaching page for details) to check in, provide tips & motivation and also send new lifting routines for the week. I believe in variety when it comes to fitness and I never want my team members to feel bored in the gym. This week I'll share it with you 😊

"Newsletter 4.23 Hello beautiful ladies! Please take advantage of the $150 coaching sale online for this summer. Coming up will be pool parties, weddings, photo shoots, vacations & so many more opportunities to show off your healthy and strong BEST body yet!!! So how are you going to do that? Consistency. Consistently waking up determined to accomplish all of your goals that day and an attitude that screams confidence and encourages somebody else to improve their selves too. Consistently reaching out to your coach for progress updates, photos, measurements, comments or questions. By consistently trying every day to get yourself a little healthier, stronger, faster and fitter! That consistency will show results over time, it is inevitable - so remember YOU ARE WHAT YOU CONSISTENTLY DO, excellence is a HABIT not just an action! Spread the message:) Workouts- you each have your individual cardio plans but if you have not lost weight in a week or two, email me back your cardio for this past week and i will make changes. Meal plans vs iifym - many of you do a lot better with a meal plan than iifym because the choices can derail you from making a healthy & nutritious meal for yourself. Please email me if you need some tweaks made to your program in the diet department! Diet is 80% of the process - yes, it sucks. If it were easy everyone would do it, but keep your long term goals in the front of your mind and YOU WILL GET THERE!!! 3 Ingredient Healthy recipes to try: Lifts: Upper Body day 1: 3x12 incline bench dumbbell flyes superset with 3x10 seated preacher grip curls 3x12 low cable chest flyes superset with 3x12 incline bench dumbbell press 3x12 standing one armdumbbell shoulder press superset with 3x12 burpees 3x12 lateral raises superset with 3x12 hanging leg raises 10 sets of incline sprints for 20 seconds, 40 seconds rest in between. Lower Body day 1: Warmup full body! 3x8 heavy Quad extensions 3x10 stability ball hamstring tucks or hamstring curl machine 5x8 deep squats 5x8 heavy stiff leg deadlifts 3x12 leg press 3x15 hip thrusts 3x12 abductor 3x12 weighted calve press. 30 min steady state cardio Back: 4x10 wide grip lat pull 4x10 bent over barbell rows 3x8 one arm dumbbell rows 3x10 tricep rope extension 3x10 good mornings 3x10 overhead shoulder press with barbell, going slightly behind the head at the bottom of the press. 3x10 T bar rows 3x12Cable rows 40 min steady state cardio Lower Body day 2: 3x12 Stationary lunges each leg with dumbbells 3x8 Front squats 3x10 One leg deadlift, hold wall for balance 3x12 Lateral lunge with ketllebell, each side 3x20 kettlebell swing 3x20 cable crunches 3x15 decline situps 3x15 medicine ball twists 10 sets of incline sprints for 20 seconds, 40 seconds rest in between. Upper Body day 2: 3x15 pushups on knees, narrow 3x10 hammer curls 3x12 front plate raises 3x12 cable raises for delta 3x12 standing arndold DB press 3x8 assisted tricep dips 3x10 face pulls 3x10 lat pulls 40 minutes steady state cardio You can do this. Give this week everything you’ve got! I look forward to your check ins! Include a recap of your week of training and how nutrition went. Please send new progress pictures and measurements and I will make any changes necessary! Have a great week ladies! xoxo Leah

I encourage you to try some of these workouts this week and to set a nutritional goal. If you are interested in joining my team of athletes on your fitness journey, please view my services or email me personally at