Personal Training Marketing Ideas that will get You More Clients

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  1. Write for industry blogs to get touted as an expert

One of the most highly impactful ways to showcase you are an expert and an authority in the fitness industry is through other well-established media outlets. But how do you break into these industry blog sites, trade journals or magazines?

There is a process to this mayhem:

First, you have to invest some time in creating impactful content on your own website (you do have a website right?). Before you can start reaching out to others and offer them insights on their publications you’ll have to prove you know what you are talking about on yours.

When you approach a fitness blogger or other media outlet as an unknown they will likely look at your website to see the quality of writing you do. When they make it to your site they may also click around on your social media links to see the kind of following you have. While your social presence may be in the beginning stages, you can do your part to create some really great content on your own site that assures the other blog owners you’ll do the same for them.

So how do you find these sites?

You probably already know some influential people in the fitness industry. Start by writing down their names on an Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc.

Next, do some Google searches on the topic you want to cover to find people in your niche.

For example, let’s say your niche is with high intensity circuit training (HIIT). Google “HIIT workout tips” and here’s what you’ll get:

Next, make a list of the sites that appear on the first two pages of the search results (without making note of the paid ads). In the above search, the sites that appear are:

Chances are a lot of the searches you do in the fitness industry will reveal these sites in the search results. I know what you’re thinking:

“How am I going to get featured on”

You’d be surprised how receptive some of these