SAMPLE High Intensity Interval Training

3 CARDIO ROUTINES: Treadmill- (do this on leg day) 0-5min: walking lunges at 1.0 speed 6-8min: jog at 5.0 9-11min: walk at 3.0 12-13min: Sprint at 8.0 14-15min: walking lunges 16-18min: left side gallops 19-20min: walking lunges 21-23min: right side gallops 24-25min: walk at 3.0 26-27min: walk at 8.0 28-30min: walk at 3.0 Stairs: 0-5min: 50 steps per min 6-8min: 80 steps per min 9-11min: 50 steps per min 12-13min: 90 steps per min 14-15min: 50 steps per min 16-18min: 80 steps per min 19-20min: face the left - 60 steps per min 21-22min: face the right - 60 steps per min 23-25min: 90 steps per min 26-27min: 70 steps per min 28-30min: 45 steps per min, with glute kickbacks 31-35min: 60 steps per min. Bike: 0-5min: level 5, medium pace. 6-8min: level 7. medium pace 9-11min: level 7 fast 12-13min: level 10 slow 14-15min: level 10 medium 16-18min: level 8 fast 19-20min: level 10 slow 21-22min: level 12 slow 23-25min: level 8 fast 26-27min: level 10 slow 28-30min: level 8 medium 31-35min: level 10 slow

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