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How to Fix Your Digestion

Today I'm talking to you about the most common problems with digestion and how to fix them. Let's get started!

As we get older, the acid in our stomachs is produced less efficiently, making it hard to break down foods like protein. Therefore, foods may remain in the stomach for longer than normal, ferment and produce gas and discomfort.

As the improperly digested food travels through our intestines it irritates the lining and may eventually damage the absorptive layers, which is commonly called “leaky gut”. Leaky gut allows fragments of improperly digested foods to pass through the lining into the blood system and can be the starting point for developing food intolerance.

Additionally, eating a Western diet high in meat and dairy can encourage the wrong type of bacteria to grow in our guts, causing the putrefaction of partially digested food and waste (gas and irritation). This waste can build up and become toxic to our systems. The result is poor nutrient absorption and an irritated, bloated gut.

The plan of attack to fix an irritated digestive system is: 1. Correcting stomach acidity 2. Promote healing in stomach lining 3. Rebalancing gut flora/bacteria

There are some supplements that can help you heal your digestive system such as: digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, slippery elm, cabagin, zinc, vitamin A, quercetin, ginko biloba, aloe vera, amino acids, glutamine, glucosamine, zinc, lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium complex.

Here are some hints for a healthy digestion: 1. Omit all refined foods (white sugar, white flour, white pasta, etc) 2. Omit stimulants 3. Reduce sugar intake/sweet foods (honey, syrup, soda) 4. Reduce alcohol to a minimum 5. Reduce saturated fat intake to a minimum, focus on seeds, nuts, fish hand avocado. 6. Reduce salt intake / switch to low sodium options 7. Eat high quality yogurt often (with beneficial bacteria) 8. Chew your food very thoroughly 9. Don’t eat while upset or stressed 10. Don’t drink too much liquid with meals, which waters down stomach acid

I hope that is helpful!

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Leah Peters

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