3 Money Shifts: How to Make More Money

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

This is a podcast episode with transcript that describes 3 big mindset shifts to make that can bring in more money:



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So Let's go ahead and get into it. I wanted to make today's training because people I see it. I hear it. People say, hey, I want to sign up for your program, but it's not in my budget right now. Or maybe they're in one of my programs and they say something came up and they need to cancel so that they can save money. And my heart goes out to these types of people. Because I was also in that position where it was really uncomfortable for me to be investing in myself. It was really uncomfortable. The idea of me spending money. I always was worried about spending money. I didn't really think I was going to be like I was worried every time I spent money, I was losing something. I didn't see it as a constant exchange throughout the universe as I spent. So I receive. And there were a lot of core fundamental beliefs that were prohibiting me from receiving money, from keeping money and from spending money in a way that supported a positive money relationship. So I want to make sure that I touch on everything. So I've got my blue Crystal here. I associate it with the throat Chakra to help me with Crystal clear communication. *Says mantra* The Sanskrit mantra, may the divine teacher speak through me without a hitch. Let's go ahead and get into the three main points I wanted to talk about which I did write down. I've been writing down things in my notes lately like crazy. So why? I was always broke, but I wasn't actually broke. I mean, I had money to get by, but I didn't have this is like from age 20 to age 25. So good five years of my life figuring stuff out. And I want to Shorten that process for other people and help you bypass it. Because I know for a lot of people, they live bill to bill and they feel like they can never hold on the money. So I really hope this helps you. These were the three beliefs. I was always thinking about how to save money and how to budget money and how to not spend as much money and how to not lose money. I thought about it too much. I felt that budgeting every single dollar was the answer. Thought that checking my Bank account, making sure that there was still money each day was the answer. And it's not that that's bad advice, right? It's not that it's bad advice to keep the tabs. It's the energy behind it. I was always with each transaction a little bit worried whether I was aware of that thought or not or it was subconscious. It was in my physical field of energy and everything in the universe is energy. And whether it's a thought or a feeling, it's a prayer. It's power, and it really contributes to the way that your life looks. So now I would always try to budget. Like, how can I maintain what I have in my Bank account rather than how can I grow it? Or I was always trying to look, how can I save a little bit of money here? How can I budget better here so that I can have a better grip on my finances? And what I needed to transition to was, how can I expand the amount of money I can hold and the amount of money that I can earn so that I can live more abundantly? If you ask better questions, you get better answers. You need to be asking the right types of questions. So if you're always wondering why money is scarce, why you can't make your bills me at the end of the month, why you struggle with money, that's all you're going to see. But if you start to ask yourself, How can I generate more income in my life? How can I better align myself to receive money? How can I change my language to not repel money? How can I change my energy to not repel money? How can I be more gratuitous? How can I be more abundant? Doesn't matter what you say. Doesn't matter what you think you're going to do and matters how you be or how you are acting, your being will create your doing. So even if you feel like you're really, really struggling, the best thing that you can possibly do is maintain a neutral mindset with money. If you get really upset every time that you spend money, you're going to get really excited every time that you get money. And it says constant swing from emotion to emotion, and it's exhausting for the soul. So have a neutral relationship. That's the best thing that you can do. If it's really hard for you to be positive. Okay, for me, the game changer for me was actually hiring a coach, and that may or may not be the game changer for you. But when I actually decided that I could pay somebody to help me rather than I should figure this out on my own, I created a shortcut in the universe. I collapsed time I made a decision that put me full in rather than, like, on the fence. So I believe that action happened, and it really transformed my relationship with money. But you might have some other pivotal action. And perhaps this little episode can be that for you.

Okay, the second belief that kept me financially struggling was that I didn't have a strategy. I wanted to make more money. I was always thinking about how to not lose money, but I didn't know how I could actually make this happen. It's really difficult, impossible to manifest money if you don't actually have a way to do it. Okay, so you're not. It's not like a bird is just going to shit 5,000 dollars out of the Sky for you. You have to create these avenues of wealth for yourself. So what can you do to create an Avenue of wealth? Is there something that you love, such as a product that you might be able to become an affiliate for? Is there a craft that you are very well versed in? Whether it's language arts, music, tutoring, even? Can you pick up another side job? Can you send out some applications? Can you clear out your space, sell some of your old items? You need to put some action, a little bit of effort so that the things that you desire can actually come to you. You have to open the door. Right? Yeah. We kind of talked about a couple of quick ways there. I would also say make sure to move your money over to a high yield savings account, or maybe do a little bit of investing that you're actually allowing your money to grow for you. And I talk about that more in another podcast episode, but just a quick blurb on investing. What I'd recommend Mr read a few books about it, but I would recommend selecting a company such as Vanguard that creates kind of like funds for you. So they Select all the things to invest in, and they take care of all of the difficulties, and you just purchase that. I find that to be a really easy way to make money work for you. Of course, real estate is also a wonderful option. There not very well versed in crypto. Okay, so having the strategy, what allowed me to generate more income was getting Crystal clear about how much I needed to make per month. And that's what you're going to make a month until you need to make more money a month? Why would the universe send you anything more when there's an over abundance of things that starts to die off? It's a natural way of nature. When there's an under abundance of things, nature comes in and fills the void. When you actually have something to do with 10,000 dollars a month, then you'll be able to receive it. So until you get yourself to a space where you can energetically believe that, one, you deserve this, these finances each month, and two, you know how to handle these finances. And three, you have a purpose for them. Remember, money is energy, and it wants to be moving. That's when you'll start to receive that huge amount of money each month. All right. So first, one, I was thinking about how to save and not lose money all the time, rather than thinking about how to earn money. And two, I didn't have any type of strategy available to me to make more money. It wasn't until I raised my prices, offered more services, expanded my skill set as an entrepreneur and as a coach, that I actually created more channels for money to flow in for me. And then the third most prevalent was that the prevalent leaf was that I didn't have really good self respect and I didn't have a lot of self worth. I didn't think that my services were worth what I charge. Now. I didn't honor my time where I used to respond to messages immediately. I would work at any hour of the day. All day was work time. It's kind of like hosting a party at your house and people are just coming in and out all day long. It's really exhausting. So there wasn't a strong sense of self worth, and I also didn't have a strong sense of self belief. I needed everybody else around me to recognize that I was doing a really good job in my business for me to believe that I was doing a good job in my business. And it wasn't until I stopped doing that that I actually got really confident and started respecting myself. And something that was pivotal for me was watching other women entrepreneurs do things differently. I needed women leaders who are just not basic. I needed people who do things differently that don't work a lot. I needed people to show me what was possible that are not censored, that speak their truth, that are ultimately authentic and that are unique in their own way. I don't want to learn from people that are ripping off every coach in the industry because that doesn't create a good self worth. I wanted to learn from a woman who had really strong self worth, but a lot of belief and their creative ideas and that kind of evaporate and into the air and came on to me, I suppose So. If you're not in a place where you have a lot of self worth, I suggest that you find a way to increase that. If you want to book a call with me. I would love to talk further with you about that, but I hope these things can help you. You can take a lesson from my story about these three things and start to create more freedom in your life. I'm very happy to say that I now have another College degree. I live in a beautiful, huge house. I just finance an entire vacation to Hawaii. Finance. I just paid for an entire vacation to Hawaii for my husband and myself. I'm able to do all of these wonderful things. And I'm so, so grateful that I've gotten to this point because of these lessons that I've learned. And I truly hope that you can use them yourself. Alright. My name is Leah Peters. If you didn't know that, if you want to learn more about me, my website is LeahPetersFitness.Com. Thank you so much for listening, watching this training and may abundant wealth and love find you.

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