How to do a Diet Detox: 3 Day Food & Drink Reset to Boost Metabolism, Lose Bloat, Slim Down, & More

Feeling bloated, tired, stressed about food, and heavy? Do this 3 day reset.

(or Save this for a future reminder!!)

The first 3 days of a new weight loss plan are the hardest, but once you build that momentum it’s smoother!!

To help you reset your body and eating habits, I’ve just published a new downloadable plan on my website that teaches you

How to:

-Drop water weight

-Reduce inflammation

-Decrease cravings

-Regulate appetite &

-Feel leaner in 72 hours!


This guide is $5 and 12 pages long, in an easy to understand format with bonus tips.

You can download it at the link in my bio 💚

I know you will be so proud of yourself and impressed when you finish!!!

~A few tips to help you start strong~

✖️Get some zero calorie beverages on hand for cravings,

✖️get rid of packaged crap like crackers and chips in your pantry,

✖️shop the perimeter of the grocery store for 90% your needs

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD your 3 day reset plan!

You deserve to feel hot! ⠀ You deserve to wear all the outfits you most want to…short shorts, a bikini, a slim fit dress… ⠀ You deserve to turn heads at any age. It’s your turn. ⠀ Your confidence is your powder. Your calmness is your grace. Your desires are your guide.

⠀ Now this path to really becoming the most powerful version of yourself will require time and consistent effort - nothing happens over night, ⠀ But some things that can help you feel more ✨beautiful✨on your path to becoming healthier and happier are: ⠀ Fresh flowers in your home A clean room Fresh fruit in your water A day in the sun getting a tan An intoxicating fragrance on your wrists A brisk walk Clothes that make you cute A morning ritual you love & Boundaries that make you feel important ⠀ What else helps you feel incredible inside & out and well taken care of? Go do it!

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