How to improve discipline and follow through with your goals: get your brain to do what you want

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Hello and welcome to another episode of health, wealth, and Your Best Self. Today's episode is a really, really good message. I was feeling so inspired just by some, like, issues that I was seeing happening commonly just themes that were reoccurring. So feeling so inspired. So I ran up stairs and I recorded a video for my Weight Loss Warriors and sent this to them. And I also wanted to share some of this video with you guys. So if you struggle with getting yourself to actually follow through with healthy eating, with actually doing your workouts and drinking your water and taking your supplements, if you want that stuff, but you there's like, a disconnect happening, you're not actually doing it. This episode is for you. Now. If you love these tips, if they help you, come and join us in Weight Loss Warriors. Weight Loss Warriors is my my virtual school, my community. I give you workouts, nutrition lessons, mindset coaching lectures, just like this one. Link endless. So so many mindset Journal prompts, visualizations. We have prizes. It's really just an incredible, incredible community and coaching program that you can do at your own pace. So if you're not quite ready for a one on 1 situation, Weight Loss Warriors would be so perfect for you because you get guidance, and then you get the support and the friends. So come and join us at Weight Loss Warriors Co. It's 55 dollars a month. There's no long term commitment, so you can cancel any time or stay as long as you'd like. And it's really fabulous. So come and join us. It's absolutely changed my life. It's changed all the members lives. And I'm really proud to see everything that this community is becoming. And I love seeing people's transformation pick along the way. Seeing like a Weight Loss Warrior who's been in it for over a year, and then seeing our progress picks from then to now. It just makes me so proud. Proud. All right, come and join us. Weight Loss Warriors Co. And Let's go ahead and get into this recording. It was a video. I stripped the audio and I made a couple of corrections that you'll hear throughout. And, well, here we are. Enjoy. Hey, Warriors. So I'm in my husband's office right now if you've probably never seen this room. But today I wanted to make a video. I want to get this to be a really good location. Okay. Sounds good. So today's video is going to be about getting yourself to actually do the things that you say that you want to do. This is the number one problem that everybody faces. So Let's go ahead and get right into it. So first of all, Let's just does your goals, your goals need to excite you. They need to inspire you. One of the quotes from this book that I love a hobby Pocket full of Money explains that you have to always set goals goals. The next thing because there are infinite things that you can accomplish. Explore, discover about yourself and about the world. So there's no shortage of goals, right? So you have to always be setting that for yourself. Never stop setting goals. But this goal that you have for yourself, you need to be inspired by it when you wake up in the morning. If your goal if your goal is to lose 15 pounds, but you actually feel pretty damn good, you feel okay how you are, and you would be okay staying how you are. There's not enough of a discomfort of a pain that's going to actually create this goal for you. So just saying that you want to lose 15 pounds because you think that's the answer that everyone around you want to hear when you actually feel kind of okay how you are. That's okay. So it's really important that you don't force a goal. Your all should get you really fucking excited. For example, I'm so excited about learning how to play the piano right now and practicing every day. I'm only doing songs that excite me. I'm not taking lessons because I don't like when people tell me what to do, like I'm making shit work for me. Your goals must get you excited. If your current goal is to eat one those hundred calories a day, and that sounds awful to you, don't do it. You need to find on the goal that meets your soul where it's at. Great. We cover that. We cover goals. Now we need to talk about why your brain isn't doing what you wanted to do. Actually say that we're going to talk about mine first. Another problem that I see come up a lot is individuals following through with their old habits and their old patterns when they have specifically requested that I give them something that's new and going to work for them and a new shock to the system and something that's scientifically proven and has a lot of intentional thought behind it. I know it sucks. Like I just said, it sucks being told what to do. It really does. Nobody wants to be told what to do. So if you find yourself not following what I'm commenting to you and you've got that state of rebellion and instead you're like, no, I know this is what works for me. I'm just going to keep doing my thing. Actually, it's not what works for you. Or you wouldn't have to ask me for help. Change happen when it happens when we get so uncomfortable with where we are that it is more it is easier for us to change that it is to stay the same. That's when real change happens. So if you're finding yourself following through, for example, if I tell you that I want you to start eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you're on an old pattern. This is my own example from from a few years ago, but you're in a pattern of eating your first meal at three P. M. And then binging at nine P. M. And then eating until midnight. And then you wake up. You could like shit. And so you just start reshuffle day and you eat at three PM again. If you're still in that pattern until you are so sick of it, it's not until then that you will step out of your comfort zone. Try the new advice that I'm telling you, see that it works and start to implement it. There's two phases to real habit change. One is the information that I'm giving you great information. You can know stuff. You can hear me talk to you all day long. The second part is understanding. When it finally clicks in your head, why something is the way it is, the total big picture, all the details and the special way that you needed to learn it. Because we all have different ways that we learn things. So it'll come together for everybody at a different point. But there's Knowing. And then there's actual understanding. And when you actually understand nutrition, yeah, things really fall together for you. And that's my job is to teach you nutrition. So the next thing that we are going to talk about, why you can't get your brain to do exactly what you want it to do. And then we're going to finish up with a couple of staple nutrition facts or nutrition TIPS. Okay. Your brain is a wild organ, wild organ brain scientist, neuroscientists do not know that much about the brain. A human species is a huge question mark. As far as science goes, it still has so many question marks. Let's unanswered. And unfortunately, we were never taught how to use our minds. We were not taught from a young age as a Monk in Tibet would have been taught how to use this incredible machine. If you get a brand new, like, technology device, like some type of, like, cooking device, you're going to read the instructions like a pressure Cooker. Oh, my God. You're going to read the instructions because it's so intricate. How else would you know how to use? You're going to put it up. Same thing with your brain. Please allow me to teach you how to use your brain. And it's not saying that I know how to use my brain. Amazingly, I'm just trying to learn every single moment of every single day how I can match you. This insane device inside me. If your brain is not doing what you want it to do, your subconscious mind is running the show. Your conscious driver is straight up, chillin, hands up in the back seat because you're letting Auto Pilot run the show. The neurons in your brain have pathways that they're very used to going on. They have pathways that tell you to get a cookie. You walk past the kitchen. They have pathways that tell you to ignore that message that you needed to hear they have pathways that tell you to to skip lunch because you don't deserve it, and you should just read dinner instead. These are the way that your brain is set up because of patterns. But the great news is, is that you can rewire your brain, but you have to be very conscious. So, ladies and gents, if you haven't watched that Exercise for Consciousness video, I post it in hashtag what Lee is doing. Please go. Watch that. It will explain what it means to truly be centered and snapping into awareness. But just in case you're not going to go watch that, let me give you a refresher. Think about your greatest grandest memory you have in your head most sharp memory. That's the moment that you were fully conscious. You are fully present. You were fully in the moment, not having a different conversation in your head. Now to snap into that moment of consciousness, look at your hands. Realize I am here. I am breathing. I am a part of this infinite universe. I am a sole witnessing the personality happening. Remember yourself. Remember what's going on. Really? Several times a day, you have to train the driver to get back into the driver's seat and stop letting the subconscious mind run your life. So this is constant, constant work. And Here's what I'd recommend. You need to keep this at the forefront of your mind because it's easy to forget this kind of stuff. Set your phone background as some kind of subconscious reminder of what you need to be focusing on. Set alarms on your phone to send you a message and remind you what you need to be focusing on. A lot of you guys have me to reach out to you and just remind you what you need to be focusing on. But tell more people, make it obvious in your environment what you're going for. Your environment is so often stronger than your willpower, so make it obvious what you're going for. Okay, okay. So getting your brain to do what you want it to do. We talked about the four centers of the mind. Maybe you're new, maybe you haven't watched all the videos, but you do have four centers of your mind. You have an instinctive center, your senses. You have an emotional center, but I'm so angry. I'm so pissed off. Et cetera. You have your moving center, can drive a car, can walk down the street, can play a Daydream for you, can have an anxiety impact for you, and then you have your instinct of the we are popping in during editing. I meant to say intellectual right on under, which is the objective awareness, which is like the ultimate peak clarity of mind. Now your moving Center can completely take over, and you can just find yourself completely swept up in an anxiety attack. Or your emotional Center can completely take over. You can find yourself swept up in a negative emotion. Whirlpool what you need to do is to get each of these jobs or each of these centers to do their own jobs. You need to take instinct to Center. Be on a lyric, just sense that's it emotional. Center. Just become more grateful. Grateful is good to accept them. Moving Center we're walking or were sitting or we're doing something with our hands or like cooking or cleaning. Whatever intellectual Center we're observing without judgment. Get your mind to do exactly what you want it to do several times throughout the day. Your mind is a wild thing. It's not going to remember to stay conscious all day long. Okay? This is what it means to become enlightened, to be fully conscious, to maintain this pinnacle state of awareness and compassion all the time, which means not having an internal dialogue of judgment. Alright. Finishing off with a few more nutrition tips that I wanted to leave you ladies with. I know that we have one dude in this pot group, so I say ladies and gents. Okay, I think that the most important message that I leave everybody with is eat what you actually want, not what you think. It's not what you think is the most diet friendly thing, because that's just going to leave you unsatisfied. Eat what you want and monitor your portion sizes. A a regular meal times. Eat at regular meal time. I wish I could hammer this shit in because the moment that you decide that you were going to skip your dinner. Great. The next day you're weirdly hungry in the morning or the moment you decide you're going to skip your breakfast. Oh my God. You're starving at 10 P. M at night. Stick to regular meal times. It's the simplest thing you can do for yourself. And then the last thing that my last nutrition tip that I would really share with everybody other than eating what you want. And eating at regular meal times would be high quality baby, high quality foods. Some of us are just picking up the harvest from our garden from the summer. How amazing if you can get organic if you can just afford to get not the fucking cheapest version of that food. That would be so amazing just because you deserve it. And then this great game of life life supports you when you choose joy. So try to choose high quality foods. Make sure that you're washing your foods off with they have pesticides you're cooking rice, rinse the rice off before you Cook it like everything in your life can be so sacred and intentional when you put that emotional intention behind it. When you decide that you're going to buy a higher quality cheese at the store, you decide you're going to buy a higher quality organic rice from Thailand and then you're going to wash it up and get all the crappy crap off of it and then you're going to Cook it in. It so amazing. Everything in your life can be saved. Alright, so that was an 11 minute coaching spiel that just came out of my mouth one morning. And thank you so much. I hope that something in it gave you a tangible takeaway that you can go immediately put into action if you want to keep learning, if you want to work together, if you want accountability, if you want motivation, and this constant energy always typing you up. Come and join Weight Loss Warriors at Send me a message on Instagram also. And if this message really helped you take a screenshot of this episode and share it on your IG. Story, that will be amazing. It's how other people can get this message, too. Alright, have a fabulous day. Bye.

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