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Meal Prep Mix and Match Cheat Sheet. Weight loss matrix for healthy lunches and dinners.

Save this photo as a quick guide to make your meals. Add any seasonings you like (low sodium). Choose a food from each color group to mix and match.

Veggie column: unlimited, have as many vegetables as you want. If you are gaining weight or not losing weight, it's likely NOT because you're eating too many vegetables.

Protein column: depending on your stats and diet needs, this portion size will vary. Be sure to be mindful of salmon and red meats, which are fattier than lean cuts of meat like chicken or white fish. For other example of lean protein sources and healthy food choices, check out my Macro Cheat Sheet!

Carbohydrate column: stick to 1/2 a cup per serving if you are a female, and 3/4 cup complex carb per serving for males. This may vary depending on your activity and goals. Carbohydrates give the body fast energy, but too many can make you feel sluggish and bloated. Check out my Macro Cheat Sheet for more healthy carb ideas.

Fat column: generally, 100-200 calories of fat per meal are going to be very satisfying without loading the meal with too much fat. Fat slows down digestion while also improving your satiety and hormone health.

Cheat sheet for how to make a healthy meal:

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