Tips to help stop yoyo dieting and impulsively eating

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Dieting. So Yoyo dieting. When I when I think of it, I think of it as you gonna want to diet. Maybe you're gonna do a juice cleanse for three or 4 days, then you get off the juice cleanse, you think you're gonna be good. And then boom, a few days later, you're back on the trigger foods. Whatever caused you to want to go on the juice cleanse in the first place. So then you're like, oh, shit. That juice cleanse obviously didn't work. Let me do Keto. So do keto for, like, a week and a half. You feel really, really good. And you're like, okay, I don't have got to do a cheat meal and the Boomi fall track.

So a toxic cycle over and over and over again. And the thing about Yolo dieting is it's really it's a product of marketing. It's a product of one diet telling you that it's the fucking best. And then you feel like a failure whenever you can't stick to it. So you go to another diet that tells you that it's the best, and it just repeats over and over again.

No diet is the best out there. It's very, very unique to you at your body shape. For example, if you're a larger person with a lot of inflammation going on, you're going to probably want to eat a lower carb diet. That was a lot of healthy, soothing fat. So it's not a high and red meat and saturated fats. And that's the type of diet that will work for you. Whereas if you're somebody that's really tall, lean, athletic, fit. Yeah, give them those pastas. Give them those meat. It's going to bulk them up with the BCAS and the creatine. So it really depends on every individual person. So all diets and weight loss regimes work for one reason, caloric deficit. If you are burning more calories a day, then you're eating per day. You will lose weight. Great. I've done the online calculators that doesn't work. Why? Because your body adapts.

If you've been dieting a lot, Yoyo dieting a lot. And putting your body through a lot of stress, your body doesn't give a shit about burning fat. Right now. Your body needs consistency. Your body is looking for stability, security to count on you to make it feel safe. And nourished. So that okay. I feel safe. I feel like I'm getting what I need. I can get rid of the excess fat because I'm no longer living in fear. So when you understand the science behind what makes weight loss work great, it's calorie game. How do I eat my calories? You have to enjoy what you're doing and enjoy what you're eating. If you're doing a low carb giant, but you're fantasizing about Donuts spreads and cookies that's setting you up for disaster. Whatever you naturally like, try to make your diet fit. That and hit a calorie deficit.

Now keep in mind, say you do a calorie deficit for four to 6 weeks. Your body is smart. It knows that it's not getting as many calories. It's going to stop burning as many calories. It's going to produce less body heat. You're going to stop fidgeting as much. Your workouts are going to get a little bit more intense. It's going to start getting you some hunger cravings because it's not like your body likes to be starved. So in order to get past that plateau, you're going to have to diet a little bit harder. Harder until your body figures out what's going on again. Then you have to die a little bit harder until you get to a point where you must reverse diet, where you must start to build your metabolism back up to a point where great feel safe. This is a regular amount of food. Nothing crazy is happening to me. Everything happens in seasons, right?

So with that being said, how can you sync up your dieting cycle with the seasons? Ladies, we are feminine woman. We are in touch with the Earth. So I am not saying lightly when I say sink yourself up with the seasons. Spring time. Pick up the pace. Summertime chachacha as much energy as possible. Your fire, your heat, you're killing it. Fall. You're starting to slow down. Winter, you're chilling. You're maintaining. You're not trying to diet. You're not trying to fight Mother Nature and society.

As all of the food and the travel and the family starts to happen. And then spring time, you come back to life. You're warming back up again, ready to go for fat loss in the road. Send yourself up with the seasons. You will be so happy when it comes to Yoyo dieting. There's the mathematical factor that goes into it, and there's also the emotional factor. There's masculine energy, there's feminine energy. And in order to be successful, you need both of them to be in proper cooperation with each other. So there's going to be some emotional healing that comes with Helios dieting. And I would say go way, way, way back to the very first time that you've died. It and really heal that memory. Like get into a deep meditation, pull that memory deep in the archives. You got to get really still and really quiet to get there and go into that memory and hug that little girl. Right? Hug and tell that person, tell that younger view that it's going to be okay. You need to go and to heal this trauma.

So I'm actually going to be starting in the Tron will work myself with my coach. I'm just waiting on my book to arrive. So it's called Grief recovery, which is like a therapy program. But it also has a book and my coach each it. I'm really excited about it because I don't love conventional therapy. It just doesn't drive with me. So I'm going to be sharing more about how to heal these types of deep sadnesses because grief recovery is just any type of really deep sadness. So the first time that's home made you feel that you are not worthy that first diet.

The first time you started to doubt yourself, we really have to go back and heal. That because until we do, it will continue branching off and taking manifestation and all these types of really frustrating forms. Warriors, thank you so much for tuning into the today. I appreciate you being a part of the Weight Loss four Years program. I'm forever, forever grateful to you all. So thank you and have an amazing day. Bye.