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Why Emotional Eating Happens and How to Heal

WHY EMOTIONAL EATING HAPPENS & HOW TO HEAL: After I stopped competing in fitness competitions, I fell into the habit of boredom eating, loneliness eating, & not being in tune with my actual hunger cues.

I'd eat amazingly all day, then by night I'd be finishing off multiple servings of cereal despite my body receiving a proper amount of nutrients that day. I even started to look forward to this nightly routine just because it spiked all the dopamine in my brain. Talk about self sabotage. Then, morning would come and I'd feel bloated and disappointed. Over and over, I had to tell myself "I'm not letting it happen again tonight". After a few months of detrimental behavior, I dove into research...Why is this happening? Why do we emotional eat? What can I do to stop this? And that's what I'm here to help you with. Here's what I discovered: Emotional eating happens for a few key reasons: We don't feel our feelings. We put the band-aid of food on the emotion in order to distract ourselves from discomfort. -We fall into the restrict-binge-restrict cycle. -When we perceive any kind of stress, the body craves food. This goes back millions of years to when we were c