Weight Loss Warriors (W.L.W.) is a monthly membership that provides you with an affordable plan to lose weight and get in better shape.

W.L.W. is designed to help those who want to lose fat and build muscle, but aren't necessarily ready or in need of one-on-one coaching.

W.L.W. has two levels of membership (detailed below). No matter your level, you will receive all workouts and resources via email.

How it works:

Start each week with a boost of motivation and clarity! By 4 PM MST every Monday, you will receive a fresh set of body-transforming workouts for the week.

For the basic membership, add on the ability to get your body composition analyzed and find your perfect macros according to your stats, dieting history, lifestyle, and goals.


No more guessing when it comes to your diet! Optional custom macro consultation add-on will be completed via email within 5 days of your purchase.

Want more? V.I.P. is for those who are super serious about getting in killer shape! In addition to workouts, you'll lock in a macro consultation and private coaching call every month. This is the best way to see results week after week and never hit a plateau!


V.I.P. Custom macro consultations will be completed via email within 3 days of your purchase, and repeated every 30 days.

V.I.P. membership BONUS: Pick my brain and get science-backed answers to all of your diet and workout questions. This is your time to check in with me one-on-one and receive on-the-spot advice and coaching.


30 minute, private coaching call will be scheduled upon enrollment, and repeated every 30 days.

Want something à la carte? You can request an additional macro consultation and/or private coaching call at any time. Additional macro consultations are $15 each, additional 30 minute coaching calls are $20 each. Build your membership the way you want it!

Subscriptions to your membership will be renewed every 30 days, unless you cancel prior from your PayPal account. While I recommend at least 12 weeks for a noticeable transformation that sticks, you are free to cancel or suspend your membership at anytime.

Weight Loss Warriors Membership Levels:

  • Weekly: 5 new weightlifting routines (2 leg, 1 chest, 1 shoulder, 1 back workouts). Gym and home options.

  • Weekly: Nutrition lesson (PDF format).

  • Option to add on 1 custom macro consultation for $15.

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Weight Loss Warriors Basic Membership


  • Weekly: 5 new weightlifting routines (2 leg, 1 chest, 1 shoulder, 1 back workouts). Gym and home options.

  • Weekly: 3 HIIT cardio routines

  • Weekly: Nutrition lesson (PDF format).

  • Monthly: A 30 minute, private coaching call.

  • Monthly: 1 set of custom macros and calorie goal.

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Weight Loss Warriors V.I.P. Membership


Enroll in your first month of Weight Loss Warriors,  basic or V.I.P. membership:

Enrollment is currently CLOSED and will open again December 1st-7th!

Is Weight Loss Warriors for you? Let's find out!


Weight Loss Warriors is perfect for you IF:

  • You want an effective, easy to follow workout plan.

  • You're tired of bailing on the gym because you don't have plan that motivates

  • You can stay accountable on your own.

  • You like to learn new exercises and workout styles so you can mix it up any time you want.

  • You want to learn more about nutrition, dieting, and training for weight loss. You're tired of googling and just want direct answers and helpful advice from an experienced lifter and fat loss coach.

  • You want to lose weight in a healthy manner, while also toning your muscles and getting a lean, muscular body. You want to define and strengthen your abs, glutes, legs, and upper body.

  • You want a customized macro program to follow for your body, goals, and lifestyle. You aren't sure how much you should be eating to hit your goals and want some guidance with dieting.


Weight Loss Warriors IS NOT for you if:

  • You want daily or weekly accountability and check ins (see coaching). You want a little more one-on-one support to make sure you're on track with your diet and workouts every day.

  • You want help creating an ideal, macro-friendly meal plan with your favorite foods (see nutrition). You don't really know what exact foods and portion sizes to eat to hit your daily targets.

  • You want customized workouts to tailor to injuries, pregnancy, or special requests (see coaching). You want personalized workouts with more accountability check ins, program tweaks, and tailored cardio programming.

So, are you ready to re-commit to your fitness goals and get help losing those last ten pounds? With my workouts, macro plans, and support, the results are inevitable!

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