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A little about me: I am a Certified Fitness Nutritionist and am passionate about helping others fuel their bodies and souls in an optimal, healthy, balanced way.


I love all types of fitness and played nearly every sport growing up. I have trained and practiced in competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, volleyball, track, cross country, and dabbled in others. A few years ago I competed at the national level in the NPC in both bikini and figure divisions a total of 15 times. I have coached over 1,500 men and women through weight loss and bodybuilding in the past to lose weight, improve their relationship with food, and feel more confident in their bodies. I place a strong focus on recovering from emotional eating, stress eating, and restrictive eating, as these are all things I have struggled with and overcome in the past.

  I use my strong leadership and communication skills to show others that a balanced relationship with food is possible for anyone with the right approach and mindset. With 8 years of industry experience, a consistent client base of hard workers, and my continuous pursuit of learning, I am confident in my knowledge and abilities to transform you.


I have a Major in Mass Communications and Minor in Health and Wellness. I graduated from Texas State University in Spring, 2016. I am currently in graduate school obtaining my Master's Degree in Teaching and Education. I have a Fitness Nutrition Coach Certification through the National Exercise and Sports Training Association.


Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, @LeahPetersFitness for any inquiries or questions. I happily work with many companies in blog post reviews, sponsored Instagram posts, or other types of collaborations. I live in Colorado Springs and would be happy to do some local training, speaking engagements, or events.


I love the outdoors, my family, husband, two dogs, ferret, laughter, creative expression, books, podcasts, and coffee.

In a nutshell,

Leah Peters

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