About Leah Peters

Hey there, I'm Leah and I'm so glad you're here!


Here's a little about me:


I am a Certified Fitness Nutritionist, former national bikini and figure competitor, wife, animal lover, runner, weightlifter, science nerd, and knowledge seeker!


I love all types of fitness and played nearly every sport growing up. I have trained in competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, volleyball, soccer, track, cross country, and dabbled in others. 


From 2012-2016 I competed at the national level in the NPC in both bikini and figure divisions a total of 15 times. Since 2012, I have coached thousands of men and women through weight loss and bodybuilding to reach their health goals, improve their relationship with food, and feel more confident in their bodies. I place a strong focus on recovering from emotional eating, stress eating, and restrictive eating, as these are all things I have struggled with and overcome in the past.

  I use my strong leadership and communication skills to show others that a balanced relationship with food is possible for anyone with the right approach and mindset. With over 8 years of industry experience, a consistent client base of hard workers, and my continuous pursuit of learning, I am confident in my knowledge and abilities to transform you.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science Degree. I am a certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach through the National Exercise and Sports Training Association.

My main services are Weight Loss Warriors, Nutrition Consultations, and Nutrition Coaching.


Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, @LeahPetersFitness for any inquiries or questions. I happily work with many companies in blog post reviews, sponsored Instagram posts, or other types of collaborations. I live in Colorado Springs and would be happy to do some local training, speaking engagements, or events.


I love the outdoors, my family, husband, two dogs, ferret, laughter, creative expression, books, podcasts, and coffee.


Leah's street cred:

Bodybuilding competitions:

2012 NPC Texas Shredder, 1st place, Bikini 

2013 NPC Phil Heath, Top 5, Bikini

2013 Branch Warren, Top 5, Bikini

2013 Jay Cutler Classic, Top 5, Bikini & Figure

2014 Europa, Top 5, Figure & Bikini

2014 Branch Warren, Top 5, Figure & Bikini

2015 Phil Heath, Top 5, Figure & Bikini

2015 Branch Warren, Top 5, Figure & Bikini

2016 Mile High, Bikini



Cellucor 2012-2016

1 Up Nutrition 2019-present

House of Pain 2013-2015

Fabletics 2019-present

Fre Skin Care 2018-present



B.A. in Mass Communication & Health and Wellness Promotion

M.S. in Teaching and Learning

Fitness Nutrition Specialist, National Sports and Exercise Training Association

In a nutshell,

Leah Peters

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