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habit change challenge

Ready to kick the bad habits for good?! Learn the subconscious and psychological tips that will transform your life, giving you more willpower, confidence, and results! You'll also improve your progress with these weight loss success tips. This is an email series with audio trainings from Leah.

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Leah's Simple & Healthy Grocery Shopping List

Cover all of your nutrient needs with this grocery list that will stock your kitchen up with all the essential "clean-eating" foods and a few craving-busters.

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Free Fat Loss Course:
Understand how to track macros and calculate your caloric needs in this free course. Learn how to create plans that give you consistent weight loss results WITHOUT feeling restricted or starving!

Includes: Free Pocket Guide to Nutrition

free 5 day workout challenge leah peters

5 Day Workout Plan:
Get a taste of my training style in this free, 5-day workout series. I will send you weightlifting workouts and cardio for each day. These workouts are designed for beginner-intermediate skill levels. You will be sore!!!

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Meal Prep Ideas:
Get inspired for your next healthy meal with one of the many ideas in this free eBook! Includes macros and vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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11 Ways to Train your Mind for Discipline, Positivity, & Success:
Leah's favorite methods of inner work and self-development. Improve your consistency, creativity, self-control, habits, and more.