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What makes leah the best weight loss coach?

Kristin M.

It was great! I really enjoy the sessions, it’s a good way to be accountable and push myself and learn some new exercises… plus it’s fun working out with you!!...Woke up feeling great this morning btw, my energy is up and I feel really confident. I think the added protein and focusing on a good diet and our workouts are really starting to show!

Judit K.

Working with Leah has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’ve struggled with yoyo dieting and binge eating for over a decade, to the point where I completely lost all the hope that I could ever have a body that I can be proud of. I went on strict diets for a couple of months, then slipped up and had a cheat meal that turned into a cheat day, followed by many more cheat days until I ultimately gained all the weight back. I was at the end of one of these cycles when I decided to reach out to Leah.


She helped me overhaul my lifestyle step by step, and came up with a plan that allows me to get closer to my goal weight in a sustainable manner - without having to bring sad boxes of salad to social gatherings or consider anything a cheat meal. The 10 months we’ve worked together has been the longest I could ever stick to a healthy lifestyle, and I lost 30 pounds without ever feeling restricted or counting down the days until the “end of diet”. If you’re looking to get help with your nutrition and mindset, then hiring her is a complete no-brainer!


Gemma P.

Leah was the first business coach I have ever worked with and could not be happier with my experience. I felt jumbled and overwhelmed with starting a coaching business and the way Leah walked me through mindset tactics, business flows, and how to market myself left me feeling at ease and capable. Her guidance helped me narrow down the important tasks and get started on my journey, I am incredibly grateful!

Jaime S.

Finally last April I took the plunge and started working with her 1on1. She legit changed my life. We worked together for the better part of a year and she helped me work through some food related issues. I’m finally in a place where I feel good isn’t the enemy and I can fuel my body correctly and listen to myself. Veggies and fruit make me feel so good. Meat and rice keep me full also I love peanut butter m&ms and chocolate chip cookies. And sour cream and onion chips. I eat a half of an avocado every day as well as an apple everyday. It’s fantastic.


Beth Cline

While my body has changed throughout the last few months, it’s really my mindset that is the long term gift. It’s not perfect- I still have down body image days, I still have times where I struggle not to panic about imperfect macros or the number on the scale, but overall, I am in such a healthier headspace. Early on, we talked about my “why” for doing this and one of my biggest things was setting a healthy example for my daughters. I’m definitely in a better place for that!


Joana M.

I’ve been working with you for years now, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I get quality workouts, I get attention, and adjustments all the time, and communication! You’re the best 😍

Krystle K.

 I have really noticed huge changes in myself with your workouts. I will really hound in on eating once training starts but till then I am careful but a bit slack! It’s getting to the point that people are starting to notice and it’s weird being like ya I have lost weight. And I think feeling better has gotten me out of the habit of just stress and binge eating my feelings. I don’t go for that stuffed out of my face feeling. It’s amazing. I just feel more comfortable with myself and my self image.

Leah has really transformed me, physically and mentally. She is very involved and informative Since the day I signed up for WLW. I feel supported constantly. She’s like the voice on my shoulder routing for me to be the best version of myself. When I am in doubt she asks the right questions and guides me to understand it’s a process and helps me focus on the things that matter, aka not always the scale. I’ve seen massive changes in my body. The workouts she provides are challenging and always changing. I never get bored. I signed up with WLW because I was at a point in my life where I needed to become excited about helping myself be better and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. This is my second time working with Leah, and I couldn’t stress enough that she is there to help transform you to be a happier, healthy version of yourself. She is realistic and gives you lots of tools to grow and learn. I’m grateful she made this program.


Jennifer F.

Leah is truly a kind and caring individual who cares about the well being of her clients. I purchased a nutrition consult and lifting eBook found she took the time to get to know me and my needs. In the Skype consult and consult she focused on helping me learn and develop skills to improve my nutrition, fitness, and stress management. Leah’s workouts are effective and require minimal equipment. I have lost 12 lbs (from 152 to 140) and have maintained my weight utilizing the principles she taught me and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Michelle M.

I have been following Leah and her fitness journey on social media for a long time, and I am so grateful that I took the leap and hired her as a coach! She put in the time and energy to provide a customized experience for me. No cookie-cutter meal plans here! Coaching was super simple and easy to follow, and Leah considered my likes and dislikes when cultivating the perfect nutrition plan. She truly cares about making a plan that works for YOU, rather than forcing you into habits you can’t stick to in the long term. You even get daily texts to keep you motivated, and 24/7 support. With nearly limitless fitness and nutrition knowledge, Leah answered all my questions and introduced me to new foods and diets. She even makes vegetarian and vegan meal plans! Overall, I feel that I physically and mentally transformed through the process. Not only did I gain a better understanding of health and fitness, but I also gained a friend and a supporter in my journey to being my best self.

Brittany C.

Before working with Leah, I struggled to find balance. As a college student that is involved with many activities and holds the equivalent of two jobs, nutrition and fitness usually fell to the bottom of my priority list. Because of this, I ended up gaining about 20 pounds over the course of my college career. Last semester (Fall 2018), I decided that I needed to make a lifestyle change. As I was searching for nutrition and fitness coaches on Instagram, I found Leah’s page and knew that she would be a great coach! I loved that she had a focus in not just nutrition and fitness, but also mindset coaching. Throughout my 8 weeks working with Leah as a coach, she taught me to find balance and happiness through nutrition and fitness. I now feel much better equipped to effectively balance my routine, my health (physical, nutritional, and mental), and my happiness. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants realistic information for balancing nutrition and fitness planning within a busy lifestyle and needs motivation and accountability to make these changes.

 I greatly appreciate the support that you have given me, and I am honestly amazed at how you’ve helped me reach my goals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jessica S.

I am super happy with the results I have gotten since I started working with you. I feel all around better, both physically and mentally...I just wanted to add in that I am so happy with the results I’m seeing since starting the meal plan you created for me in September to now! Can’t wait to see where I’m at in another 10 weeks! Thank you so much :)

Kristina S.

I was soooooo excited when you posted that photo of me! It is so hard for me to see the changes! But omg I see it and my mouth dropped open!! Thank You, Thank you!! For believing in me and encouraging me! You are an amazing coach!!!

Jessica R.

 I want to thank you for the wonderful coaching you have provided me in the past six weeks. I have never had a coach who cared as much as you do. You clearly take the time to get to know your clients and it shows by how thorough you are in your check in emails. 

Lindsay Q.

I’m beyond thrilled to have you back in my life coaching me. I can tell my gym workouts miss you! I am much better at the gym and so much more confident when I have your plan on my phone and I love crunching what you give me...Super excited for my new meals and your kickass workouts! I forgot to mention how I LOVE your Plyo!!!! In the next 6 weeks I would love some of those and the killer legs days are my fave!!!

Thanks for blessing me in so many ways over the past year! 

Allery A.

Clothes are definitely fitting better and new clothes that I've purchased have been a smaller size.

Taylor M.

Coaching with Leah has been the best decision I’ve made, I never realized how I was over training and under eating. Leah has helped me balance my nutrition so I can train like the athlete I know I am. 

Madison H.

Today I weighed in at 125lbs after 12 weeks I’m proud of that....I will come back and talk to you because you have helped me tremendously...I want to really really thank you for what you’ve helped me do...I don’t think you understand what a huge influence you have been on my health and life.

Danielle S.

Thanks so much for your email and positivity. You have no idea how much that helps me! You’re truly a blessing! 

Jackie G.

I woke up at 126.2lbs today!!! I.  Am. So. Excited. Below are the measurements and pictures I took this morning. My body fat also went down to 27%. I think last time I checked it was 29%. Leah I’m so excited!!! Now time to eat and go work out legs!!! 

Alex D.

While working with Leah I learned that drinking enough water will help you lose body fat. Coaching with Leah changed and improved my life by helping me become the healthiest, fastest, strongest version of myself. I had to confidence to compete in eSports by getting into good enough shape that would keep me on the team. I felt better about myself overall because I would always get compliments all the time. My favorite part of coaching was definitely the encouragement Leah would give every week and point out how well I was doing when I wouldn’t be able to notice it. The fact that she was always in my corner to encourage me and cheer me on while making the diet extremely easy to follow went a really long way. In the end I was able to change my lifestyle.

Courtney B.

Working with Leah taught me that you’ll have bad weeks and good weeks. You can push through the bad and still get amazing results. Coaching improved my life by helping me get a better grasp on my eating habits and activity levels! My favorite part of coaching was that I had to stay accountable for everything I was doing!

Allison C.

Working with Leah taught me a a better appreciation for macros, food intake, balance of life and work, a love for food prep and a direct correlation between what effort you put in and the output that you deserve. Coaching improved my life by providing me with a better balance of food and working out, allowing that the hard work I do not go unsupported by eating too little food or too much as well as crap food. I have a greater love of watching what I eat in a positive light and a deserve to continue into a better healthier lifestyle. My favorite part of coaching was the accountability, accessibility, and the flexibility within my goals and plans to get what I would like out of it.

More testimonials can be found on my Instagram highlights. Client progress photos can be found on the "nutrition" tab.

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