Reduce Clutter, Increase Results.

The slow killer of our goals is clutter. The insidious nature of physical and mental clutter is this: it establishes itself so gradually and entrenches itself so deeply, that we don’t even really know it is there. But for 90% of us, in our homes, cars, offices, bathrooms, is there, sapping our creativity, our energy, and our productivity, and ultimately our health.

Physical clutter: It can be unorganized, unkempt, or it can be organized and arranged: but it is stuff--and too much of it. You have to move it, step over it, dust it or feel guilty for not dusting it. You have to look at it. It is there. It takes up space that could be used for other things or space that could simply be emptied and left serene and open.

A clear, focused mind needs a clear, focused environment. When you are living surrounded by clutter (whether you even notice the clutter consciously or not), it pulls on you and chokes your forward movement and your creativity. It always demands to be dealt with, and that is draining on you. So you have less energy for fitness and for health.

And you have less energy to live and to love.

Mental clutter is clutter in your patterns of thinking and reacting to yourself and others and everyday circumstances. Again, it operates under the radar most of the time, which makes it especially menacing.

The trouble with living blindly is that you don’t really live: you can’t see options or alternatives. With creativity choked off, you stagnate. And your energy slowly drains away.