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5 Cheap and Healthy Meal Ideas: save money and eat healthy on a budget. Weight loss meal ideas

As a part of my upcoming downloadable guide, 50 Cheap & Healthy Meal Ideas, here are 5 cheap, healthy meals you can enjoy to save money + reach your fitness goals…

  • Canned lentil soup with frozen corn/pea/carrot mix & chopped zucchini or onion added in

  • Angel hair pasta noodles, cooked in chicken broth, with chickpeas, frozen spinach, canned tomatoes, & onion and garlic if you have it

  • Burger bowl: lettuce, beef or black beans, tomato, cheese, pickle, ranch dressing

  • Sushi bowl: white rice, salmon pouch, cucumber, avocado (optional), shredded carrots, soy sauce

  • Pizza bread: Pepperoni, shredded cheese, & pizza sauce on Texas toast or thick cut bread of choice (bake it on 350 until cheese is melted)

I made sure that all of these meals include a super budget-friendly base, like beans, frozen vegetables, rice, bread, or noodles so you can buy in bulk + save even more!!!

Stay tuned for the release of the new guide, 50 Cheap and Healthy Meal Ideas, for more inspiration!

All guides can be downloaded here in my Etsy store as one-offs, yet ALL are included when you join group coaching in Weight Loss Warriors!

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