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How your Period affects Weight loss

A post for my ladies who are interested in how our monthly cycles affect our weight loss, energy and strength!

Every month we go through a roller coaster of energy levels and hormonal fluctuations. While this can be inconvenient, I’ve listed some factors to keep in mind though out the month that can compliment your training and your hormones. Keep this timeline in mind because the menstrual cycle has a huge influence on a female's metabolic state and training results. Many females experience pre-and post menstrual cycle syndromes. These can range from headaches, severe cramping, lethsargy, increase in appetite and the list goes on.

Some things that I find really helpful for when you were going through your monthly cycle is to drink a lot of herbal tea as this helps your body flush out toxins and soothes your stomach.

Warm heating pad placed on your ovaries while you are cramping can also help relax the tense muscles and forget about the pain for a little bit. I also suggest massaging the lower back and stretching every few hours when you’re cramping.

Do not forget that when you were on your. You are losing a lot of nutrients so it is important to eat iron dense foods such as red meat or beets.

You can also supplement with an over-the-counter diuretic if you feel extremely puffy around your ankles. Recommended: caffeine free diurex.

Asparagus is a natural diuretic that aids in losin water weight.

Aromatherapy and warm baths can be incredibly soothing while menstruating.

Choose an ORGANIC pad or tampon. Many big-name tampon companies put a lot of chemicals into these tampons and research still unclear how this can affect us down the road. Recommended: LOLA.

Here is how the cycle really affects you and your workouts...

1. The follicular phase (day 0-14) is when women should focus on progress. It's characterized by a higher tolerance for pain and increasing levels of endurance. This is a good time for heavy lifting and HIIT cardio. 2. Insulin sensitivity is higher during the follicular phase. Her body will be more prone to using carbs to fuel muscle gains. 3. During ovulation, high estrogen levels can make women more prone to injury. Body temperature increases and energy levels lower, this is a good time for lighter workouts. 4. During the luteal phase (days 15-28), the female body will rely more on fat as a fuel source. This is a good time for hypertrophy training and steady state cardio. Save this post and reference this timeline to plan out when you’ll be able to do your BEST workouts and when you should schedule your lightest 🧚🏼‍♀️ enjoy this info!!! It’s helped me immensely to not be so hard on myself when my energy is up one day then down the next. Oh the life of a woman. Be kind with yourself and understand that we are all riding a hormonal roller coaster! Some days are good, some days bad, but it’s all a learning process.

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