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How to STOP over eating at night!

Hey! So you want to learn how to control your night time cravings? Let me guess, you clicked this article because some time, or many times in the past week, you’ve found yourself eating mindlessly out of boredom late at night, only to feel guilty the next morning? It happens to all of us. You are not alone!!! This is one of the most common problems I hear from clients, but there is hope! We all get bored, then randomly hungry because the brain seeks some pleasure, then we eat too much. Maybe you’ve been following your diet perfectly all week and then one night you just said “screw it” and headed for the what do you do? How do you fix it and prevent it from happening again?

It all starts with figuring out WHY the over eating occurred in the first place. Go over this list of common questions that can help you assess your WHY when it comes to over eating... Were you bored? Were you tired? Having cravings? Didn’t eat enough earlier in the day? Eating low fiber so not feeling full? Eating low fat so food digests fast? Eating high sugar and spiking your hunger hor