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LPF T-Shirts For Sale

Hey Friends! I appreciate this community sooooo much that I wanted to make a T-shirt that we can all proudly wear to remind us of this amazing journey we are on when we DECIDE., COMMIT and then SUCCEED!

I have sampled 2 of these shirts and the fit is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love the V-neck and recommend that shirt, but I have also created a standard fit to be more affordable.

On the left, my fiance is modeling a size Medium V neck. On the right, I am modeling a size Small V neck. On the right, you can see that I chose my shirt to have an ashy background. However, all of the shirts come in pure black.

I would be very appreciative if you purchased one of these shirts to show your support for and all the information you learn here!

I'll be featuring shirts in my instagram stories so make sure to tag me when you get yours!

NOTE: All clients starting October 1st will automatically receive a T shirt.


Leah Peters

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