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6 new ways for you to burn fat faster and make dieting easier

6 new ways for you to burn fat faster and make dieting easier!

These are some unique methods that may seem small, but combining a bunch of small habits every day leads to a ginormous impact. 1. Utilize vinegar.

Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before you go to bed. It'll lower your fasting blood sugar the next morning by 4 to 6 percent. Continued use – at bedtime and even during the day, mixing it into foods when possible – will lead to an average weight loss of 2 pounds in 4 week. A good idea for anyone, mix with water and some sweetener and take is as a shot. It is bitter, but quick and efficient

2. Brown rice

Can reduce absorption of important minerals, so rinse it before cooking or use a different type of rice if you have digestive difficulty with brown rice. Brown rice contains phytic acid, and phytic acid "grabs onto" or chelates minerals (making them unavailable), in addition to inhibiting enzymes we need to digest food. Make sure to take a digestive enzyme so you don't get bloated.

3. Add 5 grams of "non-Dutched" cocoa to your coffee.

Studies show this lessens its anxiety-producing effects while enhancing its cognitive boosting effects. Together, these substances give cocoa the ability to reduce the incidence of heart arrhythmias and heart disease in general by lowering blood pressure and improving endothelial function. It's also thought to improve insulin sensitivity, fight cancer, and act as a neuro-protectant. Adding cocoa to your coffee is an easy way to take full advantage of these properties.

4. Add a sprinkle of Hemp seeds to protein shakes, oatmeal, salad and yogurt.

Whole hemp seed is high in oil and fiber, and it also contains B vitamins, vitamin E, trace minerals, protein and phytosterols, which are compounds that work in the intestine to lower cholesterol absorption..

5. Eat more fatty fish or take fish oil post workout.

Fish oil works by reducing exercise-induced joint and muscle damage. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are widely known to reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery and help athletes return to training faster. It can also aid in improving body composition. Fish oils have been suggested to assist with body fat reduction when combined with exercise

6. Front Load Your Calories.

A 2017 study, among others, found that people who consumed more calories at breakfast and lunch had, on average, a lower BMI compared to people who ate their biggest meal of the day at dinner. Front-loading calories could help bolster satiety, lessen cravings for junk food as the day progresses, improve metabolic measures like insulin sensitivity, and take advantage of the fact that humans tend to have a higher metabolism earlier in the day.

Try some of these methods out this week and keep the habit for four weeks to notice a significant change.

Although these tips will not guarantee weight loss, they will surely help you make better choices each day that can result in fat loss over time when staying in a slight caloric deficit.

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