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Workout Less, Eat More, Get Balanced! FREE

Hey there fit fam!!!

This community is so incredible and I love sharing all of my fat loss tips and tricks with you guys. That is why I have created an online course to walk you through exactly how I conquered:

  • Under eating

  • Food obsession

  • Lack of social life

  • Female athlete triad

  • Social/food anxiety

  • Coping with a new body

  • Eating to gain lean muscle and...

  • Exercise addiction

I have launched a FREE online course to teach you how to


  • WORKOUT LESS and...


Rediscover your balance and escape the over exercising cycle! Learn the tools to break free from exercise addiction.

In these modules you will learn how to redefine your beliefs about exercise and food. I will teach you everything I've learned on my own journey, plus HUNDREDS of other people I've coached. Many people believe you have to workout for 2 hours every day to get results, and that turns into a vicious cycle. Learn the habits and techniques that will truly help you recover from exercise addiction and food obsession.

The course is uploaded to UDEMY.COM - Search: LEAH PETERS

  • Learn how I went from 110 lbs to 140 lbs and learned to love myself.

  • Define your limiting beliefs, then smash them.

  • Together we can map out your journey and follow through!

If you like the course, please leave a 4 star rating!

Love you! If you have something you're struggling with and want to chat, simply email me at!




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