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10 Tips to Love Yourself More

We all hear about self love pretty often, but rarely do we apply it. Today I have 10 tips to share with you from Nutritionist Allison Keller. If you're struggling with self love, reach out to a friend or even me and see how you can move forward with hope. Below are 10 tips to help you appreciate your beautiful self more :)

  • Thank your body for everything it does. Every morning, write a thank you list to your body. This sounds easy when we are full of energy and victory, but is most powerful in the midst of self-perceived defeat. We always have choice. We can choose to be thankful. If you tired, thank your body for communicating to you that you need rest. If you are frustrated, thank her for recognizing she isn’t processing her environment optimally. If you are stressed, thank her for reminding you to slow down and prioritize your energy. If you are struggling, thank her for being sensitive to your well-being and indicating change. If our bodies were robots, we would have to rely on pure mental energy to fuel our living. Be grateful we have souls, emotions, hearts and passions. We have so much to offer once we allow ourselves to human.

  • Practice self-compassion. This is a tough one for perfectionists and extremist, like myself. Just reflect for a second. In all your years of disorder and avoidance, you forgot how to be your own best friend. You denied yourself your needs and criticized yourself for not being “enough”. We all have these moments, but once again…we all have a choice. If you fall short of “goals” you’ve set, forgive yourself and get back up. If you lost desire to improve, stay open for change. If you stopped caring about your body, stay curious about why. Be compassionate to your needs. Be your own friend. Take time to journal with yourself, forgiving yourself and reestablishing new grace-filled intentions.

  • Face Reality. We all have broken records in the back of our minds. Start a new song. The brain biochemically functions dependent on the amount of blood flow we send to certain areas. When a societal pressure, negative emotion, past experience or unwanted thought surfaces to our conscious, DO NOT AVOID IT. Don’t push it away. Don’t fear it, as well. It will only get stronger. I encourage you to welcome it. You are in control. Welcome the thought, label it for what it is. For instance, I look in the mirror and immediately think, “my thighs are