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How To Stop Snacking All Day

I work from home full time and I get it, it can be easy to dip your hand into the bag of chips in a moment of hunger and boredom. Or it’s easy to finish your kiddos plate, thinking a few chicken nuggets couldn’t possibly add up over time. If this is you, I’ve got a few tips...

One thing I do that helps: I don’t keep anything “crappy” in the house. No chips, no pop tarts, no sugary cereal, no processed snacks. I challenge you to donate the foods that you know are not healing you. I don’t even have the option to eat something unhealthy at home - so if the craving hits, I’d have to hop in my car and drive for a snack, which is more energy than I’m willing to put in for temporary satisfaction. So instead of salty trail mix, I snack on almonds and berries Another tip: is eat a healthy breakfast. Preferably not cereal. Preferably some eggs and toast, or something wholesome and filling. Stick to the regular meal and snack times, just like you did when you were in school or at a desk job. Plan a good lunch, portion out some snacks that morning, and get excited about cooking a nourishing dinner for your family. Focus on mealtimes as an experience, not a means to an end. Lastly, make your home a health conscious place! Put up some plants for fresh oxygen, keep it tidy to keep your mind calm, and put a note with your goals somewhere you’d see it often (like on your fridge).

These 3 tips have worked immensely well for me over the years. I don’t struggle with bingeing on junk food, because it’s never an option. I don’t struggle with snacking all day, because I have wholesome meals, and I don’t have to worry about temptation everywhere, because my home is supportive of the mindset I want. So what tips help you to prevent snacking on crap food all day? How do you stay fit while staying home? What do you need to do in order to improve your health, while working from home? If this resonates with you, and you work from home or stay at home as a full time mama, how are you staying healthy?


Leah Peters

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