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Reverse Dieting

Have you been wondering what the heck reverse dieting is? I'm here to lay it out super clearly and easily for you! Below I discuss the what, who, why and how of reverse dieting, for anyone interested.

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Reverse dieting is a slow increase of calories each week up to maintenance level after a period of dieting below maintenance level.

This can result in a faster, higher metabolism, more energy and strength gains.

The basics:

What is reverse dieting?

  • The act of slowly increasing calories over time after a period of dieting, in order to maintain the desired weight and increase food intake.

Who is reverse dieting for?

  • People coming out of competition prep,

  • anyone who has dieted for 12 weeks or longer,

  • anyone who has achieved their goal weight and wishes to improve their metabolism,

  • anyone wishing to increase carbohydrate intake without gaining excess fat.

Why reverse diet?

  • Get a faster metabolism,

  • be able to process more food without storing it as body fat,

  • be able to utilize carbohydrates more easily,

  • get calories to maintenance level or higher for lean muscle gains

  • gain strength and energy

How to reverse diet:

  • Add 10g carbs every week, and 5g fat every other week.

  • Include one weekly treat meal

  • You know you have fully reverse dieted when you reach about 2000 (2200 for men) calories daily while maintaining your weight.

  • Reverse dieting takes 4-12 weeks depending on how strict your previous diet was

  • Slowly incorporate higher calorie foods in your diet like nut butters, potato, milk, full fat cheese, etc.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

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Leah Peters

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