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5 Tips to Cut Sugar

Have you ever felt tired, puffy and bloated from eating too much sugar the day before? This is a common side effect of the body holding onto extra carbohydrates, therefore extra water weight.

When we eat sugar, it spikes our insulin levels and stops the fat burning processes in the body. This is why sugar is often avoided on a weight loss diet.

It is to be noted, we are discussing added sugars and table sugar, not natural sugars from fruits and veggies, which have little effect on blood sugar and insulin levels.

We crave what we eat the most so if you are trying to bring down sugar cravings, eat less sugar. There is not really a shortcut. Too much sugar can make you feel jittery, followed by a crash, can contribute to headaches and stubborn belly fat.

Here are 5 ways to cut sugar:

1. Go with diet soda or crystal like instead of soda pop or juice

These add unnecessary calories for very little nutritional value or fullness. Opt for low calorie drinks as a rule. Allow for 1-2 sodas a week when you are first starting. The artificial sweeteners can cause some bloating and digestive stress, so be weary of that. Diet soda is okay in moderation, although studies do show it can be linked to some cancers in heavy amounts.