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The 5 Fat Loss Hormones

All You Need To Know About The Five Hormones Involved In Fat Loss

The five hormones below are essential in weight loss. You only need to have what it takes to balance them to start improving your health.

1. Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

This hormone is vital in the metabolic restoration. It helps the body to build the muscles, but at the same time burns the fat. The HGH. To keep the body young, this is the hormone to watch.

In most cases, this hormone is referred to as the anti-ageing because of its essential characteristics.

To keep this hormone up you need sufficient proteins in the body, sleep enough and involve the body in physical exercise.

2. Insulin

Insulin is the mother of all hormones when it comes to weight loss. It is ideally affected by excessive consumption of carbohydrates and general overeating.

Too much of the carbohydrate macronutrient will increase the insulin. To balance the insulin, minimize food intake, especially fast digesting carbohydrates.

3. Glucagon

The line between the Glucagon and insulin is very narrow. Glucagon works hand in hand with insulin to control the blood sugar.

To achieve optimal functioning of the glucagon, reduce carbohydrates intake and overeating.

4. Thyroid Hormone

This hormone is highly associated with the metabolic reactions in the body which are determined by the diet and daily activities. You may have a regular thyroid, a hyper active or a hypo active (under active) and the only way to determine this is a blood test. Signs include moodiness, grogginess, low sex drive, unexplained weight gain or loss and feeling very tired all of the time.

The activities include but not limited to sleep, nutrition, stress and exercises. How deep you involve yourself in these activities determines a lot the reaction of the thyroid gland and how much weight a body loses.

5. Irisin

This hormone is new in the discoveries of hormones that affect weight loss. It has anti-ageing effects like the HGM. Mostly they help the body to burn excessive fats. They lengthen the telomeres (chromosomes responsible for anti-aging). The longer the telomeres, the healthier you become.

To secrete this hormone one needs to exercise the big muscle groups like the chest, legs and the back.

So as you can see, there are 5 main hormones involved in weight loss and the best way to control them is by not over eating and by sleeping/resting enough!

There are also a few supplements I have found over the years that balance hormone health. Here are my recommendations for hormone supplements:

Hormone balancing under the tongue drops:

Hormone balancing drink mix:

I hope that helps you gain more insight into why weight loss happens and how to make it happen faster and more efficiently – it’s all in the hormones!!! Attack weight loss from the INSIDE OUT.

“Never limit yourself, never be satisfied, and smile… It’s free!” – Jennie Finch



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