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10 Tips For Amazing Workouts

"Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same".

New Year, new me..

How many times have we

A) Said that statement or

B) Heard over half the population recite it?

When January hits it's as if the stars align for almost everyone on the planet, as if that is when fitness goals are to be executed. For many though the euphoric state tends to last until the end of the month, and then POOF it's gone.

Why is that though? Why is it that maintaining this lifestyle all of a sudden becomes more of a challenge or a chore once the 31 comes? For many clients, there are a few common reason:

  • Not enough time

  • Not sure what to do anymore

  • No plan

  • Not seeing results

  • Lost motivation

If we're being honest not every workout is going to be great, but give yourself grace on that.

Instead it seems that the connotation with working out to holds a negative emotion, and therefore it is no longer a priority or interest. To help those just starting or perhaps going through a little slump,

here are my 10 tips for a better workout:

Listen to music / headphones: Aim for a tempo 120-180 BPM increase speed of workout and heart rate. It also can boosts your mood. Invest in a good pair, bluetooth ones are my go to as no wires no issues

(Recommendations: Beats, Sony, Air Pods).

Pre workout ritual: 5-10 minutes before your workout get yourself mentally ready. Know your plan in the gym, what music, get hyped, and in the zone!

Dynamic / static stretches: Dynamic- quick movements ( pre workout arm circles, leg kicks, MOVEMENT). Static- slow stretch with hold (post workout to help release lactic acid).

Affirmations: Diet / workout focused. Get intentional. "I eat healthy, I stick to my plan, I aim for long term results not short term satisfaction". Repeat the mantra as you're in tough situations. Mindset is 80% of all of this!

Visualization: See the successful action. The subconscious doesn't know the difference between the thought and reality. Prime the body, see your workout, reps, exercise. Get your mind ready for success. (This applies to any aspect).

Have a plan: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". What's the order, sets, reps, know what you're doing when you go. What's the back up plan if something isn't available? Go in with confidence in your plan.

Wear comfy clothes: Wear what makes you feel good, where you feel confident. Own your personality, and show it off. Look good, move good, feel good.

Take enough rest: Rest = recovery. Listen to your body, and let it reset. 2 days ideally each week is a good starting point.

Progressive overload: Overload the muscles with weight each week. Progressively add weight to get stronger, and grow. This lets you see that you're going in the right direction.

Pre workout snack: Carb + salt snack. My go to (rice cakes + peanut butter). The sodium will create a nice pump, and also balances the electrolytes.

These are some of my top tips that have really helped me keep my motivation high during my workouts. Let me know your favs from this list, or even some that I might not have added!

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Leah Peters

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