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Healthy Hormones For Women

Did you know that the reason you're not losing weight could be because your hormones are unbalanced? Stress, excessive exercise, prolonged dieting and illness can all cause hormones to get too low or too high. But how do you know where your hormones are at? I've created a podcast episode explaining the 5+ major hormones that affect our health and weight loss. Tune into the episode HERE!

In a gist, here's what you need to know:

ESTROGEN: The female hormone

-Responsible for breast growth and building the uterine lining -too much causes weight gain -Too much causes depression -Too little or too much causes low libido

-Released in the first 2 weeks of the monthly female cycle

PROGESTERONE: The other female hormone

-Released in the last 2 weeks of the monthly female cycle

-Natural diuretic

-Natural anti-depressant

-Maintains uterine lining