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How to Get Out of a Weight Loss Plateau

4 WAYS TO GET OUT OF A PLATEAU! . So the scale has been going down recently but lately it’s been stuck...what do you do 🤷🏻‍♀️? . Here are 4 methods to get you OUT of a plateau and RESTART the fat burning progress: . 1.) ASSESS your caloric intake. If calories are too low (under 1300-1400 cals a day usually) your metabolism will eventually adjust to ONLY burn <1400 calories per day. In order to kickstart your metabolism back up you need to put some fire in the furnace. Add 50 calories a day until you reach a better number, such as 1500 calories daily, and weight loss will resume. . 2.) CHANGE your workouts. If you’ve been doing the same thing for 6’ve adapted. Add or remove weight, quicken or slow down the pace at which you exercise, decrease or increase reps, and mix up your cardio by switching LISS with HIIT. . 3.) ADD a fat burner. While supplements aren’t always the answer they can enhance the process. I’ve been loving CLA lately because it’s strong with no stimulants. CLA helps the body metabolize fat faster and can help shrink fat cells. . 4.) REST your body. Chances are you’ve been pushing it to the max lately and your hormones are getting funked up. There’s no better way to recover and reset than resting and sleeping. Take a 3 day gym-break and see how you feel. You’ll likely drop water weight from allowing your hormones to rebalance and recovering from inflammation. . ❓Are YOU in a plateau right now? Comment below and tell me what’s going on and I’ll give you some pointers! . 👉🏼Tired of wasting time and want to burn fat faster? Help yourself to some free guides while you apply for coaching! .

💕Hope this helps, Leah 

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