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How I Got Started In Weight Loss Coaching

How I Got Started in Weight Loss Coaching:

It has been a beautiful 7 year journey in this industry and I want to take a moment to go back to the start of it all. I was 18, in college, and had gained the freshman 15. I drank too much, smoked too much, ate too many vending machine snacks and drank very little water. I started feeling insecure in my body because I have always been athletic. I felt especially embarrassed when my jerk-boyfriend at the time pointed out my pudginess. I wanted to make a change because I KNEW I could do better. I knew that under my newly stored fat was a rockin bod and I wanted to unleash it. I began training for bodybuilding competitions like a mad man. I did 15 shows in 5 years, competing in bikini and figure. I developed a VERY unhealthy relationship with food. I restricted, I obsessively tracked macros, weighed food, and I ruined several relationships in the process. As I started competing I got tons and tons of messages, emails and comments from ladies wanting help in their own weight loss journeys. At the time I was in college for a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Health and Wellness. I obtained a nutrition certification through the National Sports and Exercise Training Association and started teaching others how I was burning the fat and building new muscle. By the time I graduated college I had helped nearly 500 men and women lose weight and improve their eating habits. I fell in love with my job and knew I would be doing this for a LONG, long time.

I’ve continued my education by reading countless nutrition books, taking coaching classes to make me a better leader, and enrolling in Graduate School. Fast forward to today and I’ve helped over 1200 men and women get their confidence and bodies back. I’ve since hung up the competition heels and fizzled out my obsession with control over food. I now use food as a means to fuel my body, instead of letting it control my every emotion. Now I focus solely on emotional eating. I help primarily women break through the cycle of controlling emotions with food, and I can help you too. So maybe you knew my story or maybe this is all new to you...Wherever our relationship is, I am grateful for you. Without you none of my business and journey would be possible. Comment below how long you’ve been following me, so I can thank you for your support. That’s my story in a nutshell, and it’s been one hell of a ride. Thank you for doing it with me. Much love & thanks for reading, Leah

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