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How I Got Started In Weight Loss Coaching

How I Got Started in Weight Loss Coaching:

It has been a beautiful 7 year journey in this industry and I want to take a moment to go back to the start of it all. I was 18, in college, and had gained the freshman 15. I drank too much, smoked too much, ate too many vending machine snacks and drank very little water. I started feeling insecure in my body because I have always been athletic. I felt especially embarrassed when my jerk-boyfriend at the time pointed out my pudginess. I wanted to make a change because I KNEW I could do better. I knew that under my newly stored fat was a rockin bod and I wanted to unleash it. I began training for bodybuilding competitions like a mad man. I did 15 shows in 5 years, competing in bikini and figure. I developed a VERY unhealthy relationship with food. I restricted, I obsessively tracked macros, weighed food, and I ruined several relationships in the process. As I started competing I got tons and tons of messages, e