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Consistently Crushing It Weight Loss Workbook

Times are tough, and it can be hard to motivate yourself to eat right, lose weight and go to the gym... But I have a solution for you! I’ve designed a free 1 month workbook to get you started with Consistently Crushing It. Click the HERE to download it instantly! Whether you struggle with mindful eating, emotional eating, or restrictive eating this workbook is going to help solve your problems.

  • Included is a macronutrient calculator for weight loss, weight maintenance, and healthy weight gain.

  • I’m giving away 25 of my BEST advanced nutrition and training techniques.

  • Inside are daily journal prompts and diary entries where you can record your food intake, workouts, daily reflections and more.

It’s a one month guide designed to take you from feeling BLAH to BLESSED emotionally, mentally and physically.

Best part? It’s nearly free!

This is for you if:

  • You want to break past limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • You want to identify and destroy negative habits that are holding you back

  • You want to rewrite your story, let go of your past and create a beautiful new reality.

  • You want to get more consistent with your daily food intake and exercise to see results.

  • You want to get motivated every day, but on your own terms.

Go grab your workbook and get started! I’ll be there guiding you every day for the next month!

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