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How to Accept Weight Gain Mentally and Physically

I've been on this journey of relearning who I am for about 3 years after a lifetime of basing my worth on the percent of body fat I had. If you didn't know, after my 1st year of college I found myself 15 pounds over my target weight. In order to motivate myself to shed the excess pounds I decided to embark on competition prep and compete in a NPC bikini competition. Through out that process, I lost myself and started only focusing on my aesthetics and seeking validation through how good my abs were. After a few years of being lost and obsessed, I finally let go of that identity and transitioned out of the competing world. With this came natural weight gain, 30 pounds to be exact. Through my processes of dieting and bulking over and over again, I've learned a few things about improving my body image and loving where I'm at physically.

So, today I want to give some tips for anyone going through the process of finding themselves again. Whether you're trying to gain some healthy weight back, trying to get healthier or playing the balancing game of maintaining your weight, these tips will help you feel better and more confident throughout the process: First things first: update your wardrobe. Wearing clothes that are too small, too big or not flattering is going to make you feel less than your best, and we don't have time for that. When I was super lean and clothes felt big on me I got really insecure. On the flip side, when I started gaining weight I had to get new clothes to fit my new body instead of squeezing in to XS/00 shorts. Update your wardrobe to flatter your amazing, new body! Second: avoid mirrors if they trigger you. If every time you walk by a mirror you critique yourself try avoiding them for a while. Stop checking out your reflection in store windows and stop nitpicking your flaws apart every time you're in the bathroom. Third: get high vibe AF. Put motivational sticky notes up in your house, listen to empowering podcasts/youtube videos, and journal daily on what you're grateful for. These three actions helped me shift my self-perceptions immensely. Weight management is a mindset game and we must attack our mind before it attacks us. If you're feeling low vibe, go laugh, go play, go dance and be silly. Shake up your state and do it daily. What are your tips for accepting who you are? What helps you break through negative thought patterns? I'd love to add some of your tips to my collection

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