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What Is Reverse Dieting? How Do You Reverse Diet?

Here are some signs you need to reverse diet: -If you have been eating less than 1500 calories for an extended period of time -If you’re feeling tired daily, having poor recovery and feeling constantly hungry -If your metabolism is slow, you feel cold often and your energy output as declined

-You do cardio & lift every single day but your weight doesn't budge -You are finding yourself hungrier than usual, but kinda feel guilty about eating more because you're scared you'll gain too much weight -You're always cold and sore -Your menstrual cycle is irregular or nonexistent -You just want to eat more food AND have a rockin bod

So what is reverse dieting??? It’s the act of SLOWLY adding more food in the form of carbohydrates and fat to raise your metabolic rate while minimizing fat gain in order to increase the amount of calories you can eat while maintaining your weight. It works like this:

When reverse dieting, you will experience one of three outcomes: -Weight loss (your metabolism really accelerates and it helps you drop even more fat) -Weight maintenance (you start to eat more calories and maintain your weight with ease) -Weight gain (your metabolism was really dang slow before, so you've got to add some meat to your bones to get metabolically healthy again) . So, which one will you experience? Well, it's hard to say since I don't know your exact dieting history and body composition unless you're one of my clients. It's trial and error most of the time with reverse dieting.


-Slowly add in 50-100 calories each week (in the forms of carbs and/or fats, your coach can lay this out in detail)

-Pause every few weeks and don't do an increase (every 2 or 4 weeks) to let your body hold steady and adapt

-Reduce your cardio training every few weeks, gradually

-Monitor your caloric & macro intake

-Have support! You may gain weight, and this is OK! This is only going to make it easier to lose fat in the future since you are speeding up your metabolism.


Questions? email

-Leah Peters

IG: @leahpetersfitness

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