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9 Ways to Reduce Stress & Belly Fat: Tips to lose stomach weight & supplements to reduce cortisol

Are high stress levels showing up through extra weight around your midsection?

Cortisol and adrenaline (the hormones that spikes with stress) often encourage a little extra belly fat storage. If that's something you want to reduce, keep reading!

Not only do high stress levels put us in "freeze" mode, where we feel so overwhelmed we just do nothing (i.e. skip workouts), it also encourages stress-eating and water-weight retention.

There's a few things that I've found to be really helpful for decreasing stress + losing belly fat:

  • Ashwagandha: a supplement that reduces cortisol levels and actually helped me feel so relaxed that I stopped stress-eating (email me if you have questions, this is a game-changer)

  • Sleeping more! Allow yourself to sleep in possible instead of feeling like you have to be productive in order to be worthy. Try to go to bed earlier too...I know that extra episode or scrolling on your phone sounds fun, but it's less valuable than sleep.

    • Tip: You have 2 types of nervous systems: sympathetic (go-go-go) and parasympathetic (rest and relax), we need to kick on the parasympathetic nervous system to get results!

  • Breathing slowly & evenly. Maybe set an alarm on your phone to remind you to check on your breath? How's your breathing right now? Let's make it deeper...big inhale...big exhale...😮‍💨...As the yogi's say, "breath is life".

  • Eating more protein! Protein will help you feel more full and is pretty hard for your body to break down. Protein burns more calories in the digestive process than carbs & fat! It will also help you build muscle so you have a faster metabolism. My recommendation is 80 grams protein a day at least.

    • Tip: make it a habit to have 1 protein bar or shake a day to make this easy!

  • Focus on fiber! Fiber binds to excess fat in the digestive tract while also keeping you full. Some easy ways to boost fiber are: oatmeal, seeds, broccoli, sweet potato, beans, and whole fruits!

  • Water intake: the more you drink, the more you pee. The more you pee, the more excess sodium you get rid of. The more excess sodium you get rid of, the less water weight you store.

    • Tip: My recommendation is 2 liters of water per day at least. Adding flavor is totally ok!

  • Consume daily probiotics either through yogurt or supplements! These can help reduce bloating and studies show that those who take probiotics and have a healthier gut microbiome are leaner and have less body fat than those who don't.

  • And last but definitely not least...calorie deficit! You really can't lose fat without being in a mild calorie deficit.

I hope this is helpful! I have more tips too, I think I'll send those next weekend :)

If you need coaching, plans, accountability, and motivation, check out Weight Loss Warriors coaching. Next month we're having a 30 day transformation contest!!!!


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