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Eat more real food, not low calorie foods or processed junk.


While I love incorporating protein powder & the occasional bar, real food is truly better for us when it comes to satiety.

I totally get it - these days some protein bars taste like a snickers 🍫and sometimes you grab a power bar in lieu of making a meal.

But, prioritizing eating REAL FOOD and not packaged crap has done wonders for reducing my stomach fat (in addition to caloric deficit), digestion, feeling full, and having better energy! Highly recommend.

A few tips to incorporate more fresh/whole/natural/earth foods (which I totally believe have a higher energetic frequency therefore making us feel higher vibe, but that’s another post) include:

-making your own simple protein bars

-simply add more fresh fruit & salads

-swap ice cream for frozen blended bananas

-instead of bread/tortillas choose beans or potatoes

Need meal ideas or nutrition help? Check out the FREE MEAL PREP GUIDE HERE!

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