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Fat Loss During the Pandemic. How to Lose Weight during COVID19.

The Best Fat Loss Plan for Right Now:

Hey there. I hope you're holding up okay! Since we're all in our homes doing diddly squat (minus the parents having to be teachers right now - bless your soul), let's use this time to make MASSIVE improvement, ya with me?(scroll down for the best discipline hacks)

Tony Robbins says it best: If you're not progressing, you're dying. 

So, let's make a pact to use this time for good - not stagnancy.

Here's the best fat loss protocol for right now:

1. Move more

2. Monitor daily calories eaten.

3. Practice that discipline.

And you might be thinking, "Leah, that's too simple and vague"

But, it works. Let's break it down.

Move more each day.You're probably not getting in as much activity as usual right now, therefore not burning as many calories. Let's change that with home workouts(no equipment needed) and lunch time sunshine walks. If you aim to burn 300-500 calories per 1 hour of working out, you'll be right on track to either maintain or lose weight (depending on what you eat).

Monitor what you're eating.With being home comes more temptation to snacking, extra servings, and little munchies here and there. It all adds up. Let's not come out of the quarantine like this:

I keep track of my daily calories in MyFitnessPal, but I've also had great success with good old pen and paper. Choose something that works for you, just make sure you're keeping an eye on your total daily calories and how much protein you're eating.If you need a custom nutrition plan to hit your goals ASAP, I've got you. Click HERE to learn about customized nutrition plans.

I also have a free course all about macro tracking, so if you need help with that, click here!

And most importantly, practice your discipline. Discipline is a SKILL. The more you use it, the better and stronger it gets. That means practicing in little ways too, like not watching TV and cleaning the house instead. If you can do that, you can make the choice to workout for 30 minutes instead of scroll social media.

Discipline is what separates the average from the great. It is the back bone to all success. Where do you need to be more disciplined???

Quick discipline hacks:

-Keep post-it notes on the fridge and mirror to remind you of your goals

-Eat to reach long term goals, not short term satisfactions

-Fill up on water and healthy foods FIRST, and then if you STILL want the junk, go for it.

I've got your back right now. If you need some advice on weight loss, email me!


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