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HIIT Cardio versus Steady State LISS Cardio - Which is better for fat loss?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Should You HIIT It & Quit It Or Stay A Little Longer: Cardio: Often called Car-dee-no for a few folks (lol) is essentially defined as aerobic exercise. To sum it up in simple terms, it is any exercise that raises your heart-rate. Whether walking, running, biking, etc. your body is made to move, and this movement makes your heart stronger and burns calories.

With cardio there are two common forms that most tend to talk about in regards to their fitness regimen. Before you can even determine which is more suitable for you, it is best to first understand what each one is / the differences between them. What is LISS: LISS: Low intensity steady state. This form of cardio is most common for peop