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How to improve your discipline and get more consistent with your new habits.

How to use micro-discomfort training to strengthen your discipline (save this)

Micro-discomfort training is exactly what it sounds like. Little bursts of forced shittiness😅

For example:

Cold showers,

Running that extra mile,

Waking up an hour earlier,

Silent meditation,

& Reading instead of scrolling IG,

Are types of micro discomfort trainings that I use on a regular basis to keep my discipline sharp

And why is that important?

Well...I’m a very lax person...some would say too casual, about a lot of things

So for me, discomfort training is hella important to make sure my free flowing mind doesn’t lead me too far from my goals

It’s important to me to be fit

So, I train my mind + body in line with that

🧠The point of all this is: to get your mind used to hard things, so you can do even harder things with ease when the time comes

What micro-discipline trainings can you start to implement today? Get creative. Think small but impactful.

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