How to Make Weight Loss Easy! Simple Fat Loss Tips.

Is fat loss frustrating you?

Between calories, macros, sodium, sleep, busy jobs, kids, lifting weights, doing cardio, stretching, supplements, and confusing weight loss articles & programs, I know weight loss can be a bit stressful. Here are my top tips for you to make it EASY (and yes, weight loss can be easy)!

The more you overthink the fat loss process & the more you read, the more confusing it can all seem. That's why I'm here! Here are my top tips to simplify your fat burning journey:

  1. Focus on calories, not macros. Yes macros are important, but they are more of a guide, not a rule book! When you feel overwhelmed, just count calories, not macros.

  2. Buy as much pre-cooked food as you can. Rotisserie chicken, tuna packs, pre-boiled eggs, pre-cut veggies & fruits, 90 second rice, and the list goes on. These foods can be a huge time-saver and will make meal prep so much easier & faster (so you'll be more likely to do it)!

  3. Use a check list for your workouts. I use the notes app on my iPhone. I'll write the titles of my workouts (i.e., back and biceps, legs, HIIT), and I'll check them off as I go through my week. Try aiming for 4 lifts & 3 cardio sessions a week.

  4. Use a bigger water bottle. Check out this 1 liter one that a ton of my clients use. Then you only have to fill it up 2-3 times!

  5. Break up your total calories into 400-600 calories per meal. Example: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner = 400 calories + 2 snacks, 200 calories each.

  6. Batch cook your potatoes, veggies, and meat in the oven all at once. Set it to 375 degrees, and take the foods out at diff